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‘Ace Racing Turbo’ Soft Launched in Australia, Philippines, and Germany

Back in April, we wrote about Ace Racing Turbo entering beta testing on our forums. Well, after a few weeks of beta testing, Ace Racing Turbo is now ready for consumption by the masses. Well, the masses of Australia, Germany, and the Philippines, as the game is now soft-launched. As announced in the forum thread, you can check out the game in those countries. And of course, there’s always a way to get an iTunes account in those countries if you’re so inclined.

Having played the soft launch version, I think there’s a bit of work that still needs to go into this one, especially on iPad, especially with the interface. But hey, there’s some cool visual effects and some big courses to go along with interesting physics to play with. It’s somewhere between a simulation and an arcade-style racing game, what with the turbo and lack of vehicle damage/wrecks. If that sounds like an interesting racing game combo to you, give this one a shot.