PixelJunk is a series of downloadable games developed predominantly for PlayStation systems by Japanese studio Q-Games, and they've always seemed like the sort of games that would be a perfect fit on mobile. Apparently Q-Games feels the same way as they're finally branching out with the series and releasing an iOS and Android game called Eden Obscura. This is a spinoff of sorts of the excellent 2008 game PixelJunk Eden and uses a very similar style of visuals and platforming gameplay. You'll have a few new ways to control your character here though, as Q-Games says: "Using the touch screen you can flick and spin and jump around with ease, we’ve even added a double-jump for extra fun!" I'm always down for some extra fun. Check out the teaser for Eden Obscura.

The creator of the awesome audio and visuals in PixelJunk Eden, DJ and multimedia artist Baiyon, is back at it for this new release, and in fact Eden Obscura will utilize the camera on mobile devices to "create your own experiences using the real world that you can see around you." I'm guessing this means you'll be able to overlay the trippy visuals of Eden Obscura onto the real world as seen through your camera lens, which opens up a lot of neat possibilities and as Baiyon himself says "I can’t begin to predict what visual delights people will discover." I'm super excited that the PixelJunk series is finally heading to mobile. Unfortunately there's no release date set for Eden Obscura, but the game will be on display and playable at Bitsummit this weekend in Japan if you happen to be in the area, otherwise we'll bring you any new details as we get them.

  • Airpegy

    I had it on PlayStation store it was amazing

  • skylined87

    OoOoO! I always thought the PixelJunk Shooter games would be AWESOME on mobile. Gotta love PixelJunk...I have almost all of their games.