Paradox Interactive is very familiar to PC strategy gamers for its fantastic grand strategy games like Crusader Kings II (my personal favorite), Stellaris, Europa Universalis, and many more. The publisher has been on a roll recently, and it's showing no signs of stopping, recently hiring the lead designer of Civilization V. Paradox Interactive has also published some mobile games with very mixed success, more recently giving us two mediocre interactive fiction games, Crusader Kings: Chronicles [$4.99] and Hearts of Iron: War Stories [Free]. However, it looks like the publisher isn't done with mobile gaming yet, and today's news of Paradox Interactive opening a new studio focused solely on mobile development is certainly very welcome and quite promising.

Specifically, this new office will be supported by a small team of experienced developers whose purpose will be to create "deep, challenging mobile experiences" according to the announcement. While it wants to explore the mobile market by creating a broad range of titles, Paradox brought onboard people who can specifically deliver "the kind of hardcore strategic titles" the developer is known for according to SVP of innovation and mobile, Kim Nordstrom. Games like the upcoming Prison Architect: Mobile, Nordstrom continued, are just the beginning.

All this sounds great for those looking for hardcore strategy games on iOS, but I don't think you should expect a fully-fledged Crusader Kings game on your phone any time soon. At the same time, I'm more than happy to see more Paradox Interactive games on mobile, as long as they resemble the kinds of games the publisher is known for. Time will tell, but fingers crossed.

  • ashmike3

    Hoping for Hearts of Iron

  • volcanopele

    New studio, new game, and this new article. That's three things! VICTORIA 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!1!!

  • kaspar2004

    Please Europa Univeralis!!!!!!!! instabuy for me

    I have a job, I have two little kids and a wife, so no time for pc gaming. But I would buy all (real) strategy games from Paradox on mobile!!!