Kongregate published Hyper Hippo's hit clicker AdVenture Capitalist [Free], and the people rejoiced. But what about a game for the worker? The history of all hitherto existing society is clickers. And with that, Kongregate and Hyper Hippo announce that Adventure Communist is coming to mobile. Yes, comrade, there will be bread and roses...and also clicking to earn lots of idle currency. Oh, and if you thought the only clicker you were going to play this year with potatoes was Spaceplan [$2.99], well, comrade, you were wrong just as the Mensheviks were. But enough Stalin, here's some art of the upcoming clicker:

The big change is that unlike just one currency to generate, you'll have to contend with many different currencies in order to grow your glorious communist utopia. The game is coming "soon" to iOS and Android, but if you're on PC you can check it out in Steam Early Access. Truly, when Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, this was what he foresaw one day. Roll that beautiful Soviet Union anthem footage!

  • Godspoken

    Crossing my fingers that this goes Full Communism and has no IAP. A man can dream.

  • Pedro

    How realistic is this game gonna be? I mean, if you get successful enough to own a couple cows will you get labelled a "Kulak" and rounded up to be executed? Do government officials come by looking for people who aren't starving and accuse them of hiding food?
    Does the game end when the system fails so badly that you end up eating your children to survive?

    • Danny Camposeco

      Are you really that dumb

      • Pedro

        Not dumb, just not completely ignorant of history. All those things actually happened in the Soviet Union. It seems a bit tasteless to make that into a fun little game without acknowledging the weighty matters.

  • ogunther

    I've played this on Steam and it plays much different than Adventure Capitalist. That doesn't mean it's better or worse, just that it plays very differently. I'd still recommend checking it out if you like idle/clickers just don't expected Adventure Capitalist 2. 🙂