Hearthstone [Free] is getting some pretty cool new features in the upcoming update, and Blizzard published a blog post today presenting two big ones. The first is the ability to complete quests in Friendly Challenges instead of just with randoms. We got a taste of this in the Friendly Feud event last year, and now we'll be getting this feature permanently. There are, of course, quests that can't be completed in Friendly Challenges, such as ones where you play against The Innkeeper or watching a match. This new feature should give players more reasons to play with friends, which is always a good thing in my eyes.

The second feature is the ability to easily copy and share decklists with Deck Importing, which should make netdecking even better but should also promote deck sharing between friends. In order to import a decklist, you'll have to copy a deck on your clipboard, and the client will know that you've got one ready to go. If you don't have all the cards required, the client will offer suggested replacements. As the blog points out, you could also use this new feature to keep a larger library of decks and swap them in and out of the client. Hopefully this new feature will work well on tablets and phones. The new features will be added to the game in the coming weeks,


  • Hugo Wesley

    I AM of the brazil, and the peoples reclamed much, when uses Decktracker, finalmente Blizzard hear we

  • Alex_Gol

    And how exactly does it prevent the idea of making two different accounts and exploiting the quest completion?

    • Booch138

      It doesn't. If they have to stoop to that... then they deserve the gold. It should be noted that /you still have to play a game/. There's been a couple occasions when the friendly quest thing happened (I think its actually happened twice now in HS's life) where my gf or I conceded out of habit because we knew where things were going, and the quests didn't complete because the game didn't last long enough. There's metrics involved, so one can't simply make an account and let it suffer all the damage and take downs without dropping anything or getting them down to 0 health. At this point, imagining these people playing with themselves on two devices... it's kind of sad. And reminds me terribly of deck testing days with myself and playing against myself with two different decks just to see how they would react to each other.
      TL;DR: all power to them.

      • Booch138

        (Magic the Gathering/Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokémon/WoW TCG days, when I did that and had no friends XD)

      • houseofg

        The early concede quest denial is probably a thing, but I seriously doubt it takes into account how one-sided the match was if it finishes. In doing this with friendlies, they are clearly saying they will accept abuse of the system.

      • Booch138

        Believe me, my GF and I play a lot of HS... and we even created alt accounts just to farm for ourselves The Murloc Shammy because we have no other friends. Hahahaha it does have a time based metric, but you also have to play at least ONE thing. For instance, if you end your turn or let the timer run out without playing anything, and let the timer just take its time, but the other player kills eventually over 10 minutes and you play nothing, it will not work. You have to at least play a card, and not even hero power counts. Conversely, if you both play lightning fast and your Zoo deck takes them out by then 5 and you spent a whole 5 minutes, but you both played hard... it will work. However, if you play the same way and the other person plays nothing, you will not win.
        There's clearly metrics involved, but it's not like they're fool-proof. As was said, they pretty much accept the fact that it can and will be abused. But honestly the quests /really/ aren't that hard. And since the most current expansion, even the quests have gotten easier. Aside from the once-in-a-while "Win 2/5 games with x class or y class", literally damn near all the other quests can be completed just by playing. Don't even need to win. So yeah. I don't think abuse is really going to lead to any long-term issues.
        THAT BEING SAID... I wonder if wins will still apply to the 500 Win Golden hero count...? Cause if so................ >:)

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It doesn't, all Blizzard cares about is keeping people playing the game. If you want to diddle around with two clients to make a few extra gold so you can spend the next 6 hours grinding the ladder... More power to you.

      • Alex_Gol

        Surely some play is involved beside that but that early and fast in-game buck might help in booster grinding and, eventually, netdecking.
        That's where I stand from, basically.

  • TheVimFuego

    Decklist copying is great for someone on mobile most of the time. Now I can keep an archive of all my dodgy off-meta Standard and Wild decks in a text editor and import them easily. Infinite deck slots ... Now time to refine my Reno Hunter ...

  • Lickzy

    I will certainly make use of this... I currently have a significant collection with many ladder decks but certainly not all classes. I often rely heavily on the week's tavern brawl to complete anything that requires warlock or Druid wins.

    Not having many friends on H/S, the alt route seems helpful for those hard to complete quests that would otherwise just sit in the quest log until I needed to delete them.