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‘Buy Somewhere’ Is Like a Real-World Game of ‘Monopoly’, and You Can Apply for the Beta

Buy Somewhere is an upcoming game that lets you become a real estate tycoon in your own city, buying and selling actual locations including your house, the places you hang out at, or even famous landmarks. As you can see from the trailer below, the game can transform reality and turn it into a game; okay, maybe not exactly that, but it does use geo-location to let you experience the joy of becoming a real estate tycoon and the misery of having others steal your property.

The game comes with 60 different property types you can get your greedy little hands on. Once you buy a piece of property, you can manage it, earning rent along the way.  And it looks like the game has AI players with specific tactics and difficulty levels that should spice up the game. These AI personalities were revealed this past week, and you can check them out here.  While all this sounds quite fun—especially for those living in busy cities—it will all come down to whether the technology works as promised. If you want to apply for the closed limited beta, go here. The game is scheduled for a 2017 release and will, of course, be free to play.