The original The Sims game was one of my favorite back in the day because of how fun it was to create your own stories with those poor, unfortunate souls. The Sims Freeplay has done pretty well on mobile, although its name couldn't have been more apt of a description for the game, but the upcoming The Sims Mobile seems to be offering an experience closer to the PC versions of the game than The Sims Freeplay. The Sims Mobile is under development by EA and Maxis and seems to share a lot in common with The Sims 4.

The upcoming game will, of course, let you create your own Sims and their homes, but apparently you'll be able to customize both with "more detail than ever before on mobile." The emphasis of this game appears to be the stories you can create, which would again make it quite different from Freeplay. For instance, when your Sims retire, you'll get to unlock hobbies and careers for future generations of Sims, an interesting feature often seen in roguelike games. And there will be apparently a pretty robust multiplayer part as well. The game is currently soft launched in Braziland I expect it to launch globally soon. Check out our forum thread for more. 

  • Pheebers

    I do wish it were premium, but I wouldn't expect it these days, I guess. I miss the original Sims.

    • Bruno

      Really good to remember the character creation sessions with friends. Unfortunately, the mobile development never headed that way.

  • Anonomation

    The sims GBA games were also fun. They had a more Adventure/story thing going on.

    I how this new wave of EA games means we could look forward to a new Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Real Racing

    • Bruno

      From EA, I'm just expecting a new behavior over the energy system.

    • Electrolite82

      Loved the GBA versions,They where actually my favourite.

  • Electrolite82

    Ok now this looks more like a fun sims game,I'm so bored of free play because it's impossible to play if you have an actual life because when you come back they are useless and have pissed themselves.

  • Moses

    I gave it a try on my android device and I can say it's way more polished and satisfying than the previous ones.

  • Sammee

    The game is in the Brazilian App Store (ios) as well. Haven't tried it yet but I have always loved The Sims titles, hope it's good!

  • Anova

    I've generally been happier with the EA F2P strategy lately. Feeling optimistic that they finally got the formula for this right for mobile.

  • puretube

    has anybody got a brazilian apple id withouta payment option that they've made for soft launches like this?? i can't make one on my iphone

  • Electrolite82

    Is this ever coming out?

  • Electrolite82

    Any word on this game?!!!!

    • The Joker

      Already out

      • Electrolite82

        It's only out in Brazil as far as I know

  • ntle

    Any news when is the full launch?