Prettygreat’s ‘Crash Club’ Launches Worldwide

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Prettygreat’s Crash Club (Free) has been soft launched for a while now, as as of this morning, is now available worldwide. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, Crash Club is another one of those .io-style massive realtime multiplayer games that throws everyone who loads the game into some form of arena to play together. In this case, instead of just a boring 2D plane with circles (or other things these games often use), Crash Club takes place inside of a vibrant Grand Theft Auto-like city and pits players together in vehicular combat that reminds me a lot of firing off missiles (and all sorts of other stuff) in Twisted Metal (another old-school favorite of mine).

Take a look at the launch trailer:

This game is really, really cool. I highly recommend checking it out. We’ve got a thread in our forums which has some first impressions from the soft launch, and I expect it to fill up with more activity in the not too distant future now that everyone can grab it. If you’re looking for other people to team up with, come hang out with us on Discord!

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