Good news for those who enjoy board games as the classic Race for the Galaxy [$6.99] is now available for iOS and Android. In this board game you try to advance your empire by playing cards to build technological developments or settle planets. As with similar Euro games, you try to have the most victory by the time the game ends, so you'll be trying to build a strong economy. You secretly and simultaneously decide which one of the seven phases you'll lock in, then you reveal your picks at the same time, and then execute the various phases in the order decided. You can take all kinds of action like investing in exploration to settle valuable planets or going down the military path.

The game comes with both single player, with three challenging AI levels, and online multiplayer modes. The single player AI was developed as a research project on neural networks, so expect a stiff challenge. Race for the Galaxy has the Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs Imperium expansions available at launch, so plenty of content for you to enjoy. The game costs $6.99, and the players in our forums seem to be quite happy with it.

  • dancj

    I do like Euro-games a lot, but that whole "victory points" thing is a little unsatisfying.

  • DemoEvolved

    Long time player here. I adore the balance and design of this game. This is a very solid port from the physical game. I would say the physical game is slightly difficult to learn and the cards are a bit small on iphone6plus such that it might make it tricky to grasp for new users. For me though, I can easily give 5 stars for quality and functionality. Thank you to the dev for bringing this terrific game to iOS. Please bring the rest of the expansions to iOS. Would also be nice to have a checkbox to run the game in "vanilla" mode (without takeovers & goals ).

    • Luca Borlini

      You can actually play with or without goals, takeovers and experienced two players mode ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Very good port of one of my favourite tabletop games, playable even on my 5S. Keldon's AI is really good, and the new easy AI is really "easy" for those who wants to learn the game.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Beta tested, not sure I helped much but I immediately bought it.

    Fan of the physical game and this is a solid digital version. Definitely a little tight on the phone but once you get used to zooming up the cards one by one and recognizing them in tiny form it gets easier. Pretty great on big iPad ๐Ÿ™‚

    It's a good game but if you haven't played be sure to absorb those tutorials! They are just enough but you might have to replay them (I like how they let you "finish" the way you want to).

    • jin choung

      that's what she said

  • Kristof-Karolj Bodric

    This is game is an absolute gem.