Rovio soft launched a 5-on-5 boat battler called Battle Bay last year, and it's just now getting its worldwide release on May 4th. You'll compete against other opponents, utilizing upgradeable boats and a variety of weapons with long reload times in order to deal some chaos on the high seas. The weapon usage and boat movement makes this feel like a slower, more tactical game a la World of Tanks [Free], but with boats. The soft launch was pretty fun. Rovio has a new trailer for the game:

I almost forgot about the game in the past year, but the release date revelation reminds me of when I was streaming the game last March. It was near the end of a long stream, and it was particularly memorable because I was alerted that my house was flooding, thanks to a water heater bursting. Yeah, that ended that stream. But I guess it was only appropriate that a my water heater bursted on a stream playing a game with boats. Hopefully disaster won't also strike on May 4th when the game releases!

  • EvilDucktator

    Or maybe build an ark?

  • Chaorro

    man, was begining to think it would never get past global. I'm glad cause the game is pretty fun.

  • Patricia Anaka

    Hard to tell what the gameplay is like from that trailer

  • Intrepid Bags

    Gameplay is amazing. I'd say it's the coolest and most in depth PvP game on mobile at this time. Check youtube for tons of gameplay vids.