Folks in the forums (and front page comments) have been endlessly asking where the heck the new Robot Unicorn Attack 3 [Free] is, having soft launched quite a while ago. Well, we got our answer moments ago this morning: It's on the App Store right now, you can (and should) go download it. It's easily the definitive version of Robot Unicorn Attack, as while the gameplay has largely remained the same, everything gets even more delightfully ridiculous when the game is rendered in full 3D.

This time around, you'll be running with three unicorns, and there's a whole (surprisingly cool) metagame surrounding upgrading your existing unicorns and unlocking additional ones. (You can even melt down unicorns you don't want.) The whole "endless unlockables" scheme has been incredibly popular as of late, so it's not much of a surprise to see the series go this direction.

We've got a lot of first impressions in our forums from the soft launch, which are still worth a look although the game itself has gotten much better since then, (Particularly when it comes to battery drain and performance), and a brand new discussion thread to talk about this officially launched version. Either way, it'll cost you nothing to give it a try, and I highly recommend you do.

  • ineptidude

    I wish they hadn't gone gacha. Never go full gacha.

    • Delusionaltool

      Its super easy to earn coins no paywall at all i bought the 6.99 to support the devs this time getset games

      • ineptidude

        "Super easy to earn [premium currency]"
        Yup, that's what they always say. Then the updates start.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Adult Swim historically has been among the absolute friendliest publishers when it comes to the way they structure their monetization so you can legitimately play 100% for free. What makes you think the situation will be different here?

      • Mrbestapps

        This. Their monetisation systems are pretty fair. One of the best f2p producers on mobile.

      • Joe Burkett

        hey eli i saw you split the thread and i am the op - Delusionaltool i edited the appinfo but its still not taking to put the correct info at the top of the thread from the itunes link... did i do something wrong i used what was on the help thread. i did the [appinfo] and closed it with the [/appinfo] with itunes link in center.

      • Joe Burkett

        nope its super easy to earn in this game, you dont have to spend any money at all cause you always have a team of 3 unicorns and if you level them up and you level up your citadel and get rewards for that... and you get coins every run been playing for 3 hours now and still no paywall never had one in any adult swim games, and this is GetSet games the guys who made the excellent mega jump and mega run those never had any sort of paywalls either.

      • Kelly Rasmussen

        I've just been playing this weekend, but I've upgraded my citadel 7 times, I have 12 stable slots, I've fused and/or leveled up my unicorns multiple times, and I have three bots on my runner team. I'm not paying real money for anything. I haven't, and won't buy any packs of currency. Raids are super useful for getting the different types of currency. I'm forging as much as I can because I want to collect all the unicorns. Once they are fused as much as they can be, I start using duplicates to level up my runner team. I'm finding it pretty easy to have currency without using real money.

  • Anova

    My "freaking" god. Is that who kids these days are listening to? Abandon all hope indeed.

  • MarsMachine

    Best news like friggn ever, ever!

  • err404

    Ads in the middle of gameplay. Deleted.

    • Kelly Rasmussen

      The only mid gameplay ads I've seen are when I die very quickly and they ask if I want to see an ad to continue. Seems like it's usually after a previous unicorn had a good run, so I appreciate the second chance at upping my total score. If you don't want to see it you can just say no.

      • err404

        As I said, mid gameplay. The goal of the game is longest distance and highest score. A mid game mechanism to extend your game is a functional aspect to reaching those goals. Skipping the ad is effectively quiting mid game.
        As for "just say no". I did that by deleting the app.