Just over a month ago, Jam City announced that they had once again partnered up with FoxNext Games to bring another Family Guy game to mobile following 2014's immensely popular Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff [Free]. After a brief soft launch period that game, appropriately titled Family Guy - Another Freakin' Mobile Game [Free], is now available worldwide. Rather than city building, this time you'll be making matches as Peter serves Quahog's residents mix drinks from his mobile booze truck.

As Jam City COO Josh Yguado says in the PR release, since so many mobile games are "sweet, straightforward, and vanilla" they wanted Another Freakin' Mobile Game to be "a mobile game that is much edgier, louder, takes risks and is made for adults." Take THAT Candy Crush! In all seriousness, as much maligned as the match-3 genre is, I really loved Futurama: Game of Drones [Free] which not only featured a really neat game system but was top notch in terms of Futurama fan service. The Quest for Stuff also did fan service incredibly well, if Another Freakin' Mobile game is of a similar level then I can see getting sucked into this one. Check out Family Guy - Another Freakin' Mobile Game with the link below.

  • BaronMunchausen

    Am I missing the link somewhere? Can't find it...

  • MaverickX12

    Oh yay, another matching game...

    • Pedro Rama da Silva

      Well ticket to earth wasnt just anothdr matching game... then again this freemium is probably just another matching junk...

    • bigrand1

      .....just what I was thinking. Disappointed they decided to make their new game this type. Oh well, pass...... 🙄

  • DMarT


  • Rattyfus

    Yup, no link or game page, but I got the game by manually searching for it on the UK store.

  • Teri Fox Bacom

    I found it at my play store on my android cell phone. I am totally hooked and can't wait until it is available for my desktop.