If you've reached the point in Super Mario Run [Free] where you are running out of things to build, the latest update—which has just dropped—will give you plenty more to aim for and, therefore, new reasons to play the game. First of all, the maximum number of Toads that can live in your kingdom has increased to 99,999, so just imagine all that rent you're about to start collecting (disclaimer: Super Mario Run is not that kind of management game). The biggest addition, though, are the new buildings, which include the 8-bit Bowser Statue, Bullet Bill Statue, and plenty more. It won't be easy to get all of them, but games do love to give you things to aim for. And it's funny how these kinds of additions are usually seen in F2P rather than premium games.

The update also allows you to use your Miitomo [Free] character as your player icon, which is fun, I suppose. And you also have achievements to aim for now, although they've come to the game rather late. The update is live, so check out the new buildings.

  • Mrbestapps

    Yup this was exactly what everyone wanted. Thanks Nintendo!

  • Chowderbatter

    One comment (two, if you count mine).

    I'm curious as to how this supposedly seismic release has actually played out since launch. I haven't heard anything about it. Does anyone care?

  • shining jade

    Freemium quality, Plays only online ..Charges 10 dollars for full unlock & is nothing but a over coated over hyped runner ..
    That easily could drop to fully free if they wanted to ..
    I've seen it happen, & if and when it does I'm not gonna be one of the gullible ones to pay 10$ for a Online locked RUNNER, you won't get your money back but hey maybe you will get something in return if there nice enough ..
    I've paid for apps in the past that give nothing when they go freemium ..
    Kinda hope this dies off ..

    You want to play go get a android there's fully unlocked versions out there ..
    Heck even ios has one if you don't mind installing profile stores with hacked games .. sadly even then I wouldn't touch this junk ..

    • Derprozess

      You're right about premium games going free and ruining the experience for those purchasing them; it happened few times for me, over the years. The only premium game turning free (with energy bar) but not ruining for those purchasing the game in day one, is modern combat 5. I'm still playing it, GL awarded the initial purchasers veteran "honorary status" (not subject to energy among others), and hats off to them for doing so.
      About SMR, I've played few weeks after my purchase, deleted it and never installed it again. I'm not regretting paying for it, and I don't see NT going freeway anytime soon, but so far there are no big enough updates to make me give it another run.

    • Mrbestapps

      They should make this game f2p with iap and an energy system. People who bought the game would get unlimited energy. Then they will have a source of income and could actually make more levels and maybe a level creator? Seriously my £10 purchase was a massive waste. I've gotten much more enjoyment from 99c games lol.

  • TheRealist82

    Nobody must play or buy this game
    Whats the problem?
    Just want to wayne and mimimimimi?
    I've bought the game in the past,but i'm
    Rich too 🤣