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‘Stomped’ is a Stylish Snowboarding Game Looking for Beta Testers

Developer UglyRobot, who created the criminally underrated Pocket Motocross Adventure ($0.99) (formerly PoketMoto), is back at it with another side-scrolling extreme sports endeavor. This one is called Stomped, and it’s a snowboarding game all about pulling off insane combos of tricks in some super stylish environments. This is an especially extreme version of snowboarding as in Stomped you’re actually able to flip and spin your board around like a skateboard, which maybe isn’t as realistic but certainly makes for more trick possibilities. Or perhaps I’m so out of touch that I didn’t realize actual snowboarding technology has advanced to allow this sort of thing? No, it’s the children who are wrong. Anyway, check out this early footage of Stomped in action.

Speaking of beta, UglyRobot is interested in doing a beta test for the game using members of our forums, and if you’d like to get in on that you can head over to the forum thread and click the link in the first post to sign up. The side-view action and the way tricks link together in Stomped gives me a heavy Stickman Skater (Free) vibe, which is definitely a good thing, but I’m also really feeling how stylish and colorful everything is in UglyRobot’s take on the formula. While Stomped looks fairly complete so far, this is a “done when it feels done" situation according to UglyRobot so keep your eye on the thread and check out the beta opportunity and once the game has a more solid release window we’ll let you know.