As spotted by eagle-eyed forum member currymutton this morning, Terra Mystica [$9.99] is now available for download. Terra Mystica is one of those board games I've heard quite a bit about (as it has won a silly amount of awards), but never really got a chance to play as getting friends together to play board games is pretty challenging once everyone starts getting married and having kids. Thankfully, these digital ports are fantastic for solving that problem, as thanks to a full-featured online mode, I can now play Terra Mystica with all my buds.

The goal of the game is expanding your area on the game board, terraforming, upgrading, and all sorts of other complicated things. It's rated fourth overall on Board Game Geek, which is some pretty high praise. First impressions on our forums are overwhelmingly positive, so definitely look into grabbing this if you're into another bonafide fantastic board game that has made its way to the App Store.

  • Random Guy

    Ok, thanks. Does it have pass and play and zoom?