Slayaway Camp [$2.99] is a sliding puzzle game with an 80s horror theme that we really enjoyed in our review. Today, Slayaway Camp's developers decided to update the game with an eye to the squeamish, or the very young, among you. 1.1 update is adding a Puzzle Game (aka PG) mode to the game that acts as the best crime scene cleanup crew and removes every trace of blood and gore from the game. Now, some of you will wonder where's the fun in that, but you also have to remember the younger players out there. If you don't care about going all PG, don't feel neglected because the update also added a tons of extra kills scenes, with every murderer having their own custom Gorepack you unlock along the way.

The game also got plenty of fixes, including making the tutorial more straightforward and fixing some achievements. Overall, it looks like this update will make a great game even better, so if you haven't picked up Slayaway Camp yet, you probably should.

  • ZS77

    This made me chuckle - in the UK, PG is a film rating, stands for Parental Guidance; basically the film may have some mildly scary moments or darker themes but generally it's fairly tame and meant for kids of 10-12ish. I thought for a minute they'd added a 'toned down' mode for Slayaway Camp to make it more appealing (read: acceptable) to a wider audience!

    • Rob Benton

      That's what they did lol!

    • Discostallion

      PG is also a movie rating here in the states. Definitely seems intentional 😀

  • DeuxApex

    Hopefully iCloud support will be in a future update.