NimbleBit released Bit City [Free] a couple of weeks ago, but if you want a freebie from the studio, well, good news: Capitals [Free] is now completely free. No ads, no IAP, the lives are gone. Now it's just a completely free online word game. I don't think I'll pick this one back up since it took up way too much time. I was too good at the game, finding those long word combos that would eliminate not just most of my opponent's board, but most of their soul as well. As satisfying as that was, it was also very time-consuming.

Still, I recommend giving this one a shot if you haven't already. it's got hex grids so it is a real game. And I'd love to see some "older" titles make transitions like this. If they're beyond the long tail of monetization, why not do your fans a solid and open up the game to everyone? A few people have complained about paying for the unlimited lives IAP now that it's gone free, but eh, you got a couple good years out of that $4.99 purchase most likely. Cool it!

  • Bill huynh

    hmm wonder what the monetization play will be here.... Publisher popularity for future games?

    • David Marsh

      There isn't one.

      • Bill huynh


      • Bill huynh

        is App piracy or app modifications/cheating an issue for Nimble bits? I'd love to chat!

      • Jared Nelson

        If you can hop on a call later this week I can totally help you with that monetization strat.

  • Professionalbum

    Yeah I was one of the ones to paid for unlimited lives; yet I still play this on a daily basis. Come at me folks-probum is the name!

  • mr_bez

    I thought that one of the reasons that they changed their initial monetization strategy was because it wasn't making enough to cover server costs? Have they changed the backend?

  • Adams Immersive

    Good game—can't remember what made me stop playing, but I'm glad to be reminded of it!