Great news for fans of the terrific Orphan Black TV show; Orphan Black: The Game [$1.99] has just quietly made its way to the App Store. Orphan Black: The Game is a turn-based adventure puzzle game that deals with the same issues the TV show does, namely the adventures and misadventures of a group of female clones at the center of a global conspiracy. If you haven't watched the show, it's a dramatic series, with plenty of comedic moments, that raises questions around who owns the human body and explores the nature vs nurture debate—do your genes or your upbringing make you who you are.

Orphan Black: The Game looks a bit like the GO games in terms of its camera and puzzles. More importantly, you get to play as all the clones from the show—including Tony and the crowd-favorite Krystal—as you try to make it through 10 worlds with over 80 levels. I do hope the game isn't too puzzle-heavy because there's much more to Orphan Black than just puzzles. The game is out now and costs $4.99.

  • Adams Immersive

    If it doesn't have Pupok I'll only pay $3.99!

    Looks pretty neat. And a bit spoilery for the first 4 seasons.

    Final season in June!

  • rezn

    Looks pretty good. Nice to see it's not just a Free 2 Play.

  • Krugrrr

    Thank goodness it's not F2P. Love the series. I'll see if I'll love this game as well, tho it is voiced by Tatiana herself, so... <3

  • Anthony

    I won't play until my sestras are here with me..