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Stylish Action Adventure ‘Lonely Planet’ Renamed ‘Alone Planet’ and Releasing Next Month

You may recall back in September of last year when we checked out the trailer for an upcoming Zelda-like action adventure game called Lonely Planet from Immersion Studio. You may also recall thinking “Hey, I bet the world-renowned travel guide company Lonely Planet isn’t too stoked about the name of that game!" At least, that was MY first thought. Well, it’s not clear whether that company actually intervened or not, but either way Lonely Planet has resurfaced all these months later and is now called Alone Planet. In more exciting news, Alone Planet is actually finished and launching soon, and a new trailer has been released.

This new trailer looks great, but it also doesn’t give you quite as in-depth a look at the game as the trailer from September, so if you missed that one be sure to check it out to get a better idea of what Alone Planet is all about. It’s highly reminiscent of old-school top-down Zelda dungeon crawling, with lots of puzzles to solve and hazards to avoid. Also your main character has three main abilities–Link, Reflect, and Sprint–which will be crucial for dealing with the various puzzles and enemies you come across. It all looks quite awesome, and although no specific date has been mentioned, Immersion does say in our forums that Alone Planet will be launching sometime next month.