Deer Cat Games has mostly been known for a myriad of Unity templates so far, but they're set to release a game of their own on mobile soon. Balrog will have you piloting a ship underwater, through ahnd-painted worlds. You'll see lost cities, and hidden worlds lost to the ocean as you fly ever forward. Check out the gorgeous trailer in action:

While details are otherwise limited, this one looks quite gorgeous. The developers say they're focusing on the atmosphere for the game, and it shows. The world looks like it'll be interesting to run through, with secrets and lore that could emerge as you fly ever forward. I'm rather intrigued by this game, and I know some folks aren't fans of auto-runners, but this at least looks like a rather pretty one! Check out the forum thread for more and where the developers are responding to inquiries.

  • bigrand1

    I was interested, but then saw the video, and I just don't go for the 'flappy' stuff anymore. Even though it looks beautiful, the 'flappy' controls turn me off, so I don't think I'll be playing this.