One of the games we were shown during GDC that made a pretty big impression on us was The Big Journey from Catfishbox and Armor Games Studio. Yes, the game stars an adorable squishy cat, so OF COURSE I was a big fan of it right off the bat, but beyond that this just looks like one of the most polished platforming games we've seen in some time. It also uses a tilting control mechanic that gave us Rolando vibes, and the squishiness of the cat and its ability to grow larger by gobbling up delicious dumplings also gave us some Leo's Fortune [$4.99] vibes. Basically, lots of vibes from lots of amazing games means we're pretty excited for The Big Journey. Ahead of its launch next week, Armor has sent along the game's official launch trailer, which is well worth watching with the sound cranked up.

One of the defining features of The Big Journey is its tilt mechanics, but some people hate playing games with tilt, you know? Well, if that describes you then you'll be happy to hear that there are optional touch controls in the game. They don't work like regular platformer controls though, as instead of the left and right buttons moving the character itself they actually tilt then entire world giving the same sensation of playing with tilt but without all that tilting. Sweet! I can't overstate how darn adorable The Big Journey is, so be sure to check it out when it hits the App Store next week on March 16th.


    This is the best news this week, that you can play without the tilting, I was worried that my Pro was to big to hold and tilt, now I can play more relaxed on my Pro which stands on a stand if somebody didn't know by now, I told this a hundred times allready ha ha, but looking even more forward to the game now.

  • BPM

    This looks amazing, but think I should point out that its most direct influence is LocoRoco for the PSP. Could almost be considered a reimagined clone. I believe that game had a heavy influence on Rolando as well.

    • Dora Breckinridge

      Hey there! Dora here from Armor Games Studios. The Big Journey is actually the very first game from Catfishbox (which itself is just made up of three fellas), and while they definitely drew influences from the games that inspired them, as every creator does, The Big Journey is intended to embody the spirit rather than steal its face and take over its family. Rolando and LocoRoco were great games for a reason, and being compared favorably to them is a compliment we'll take with pride. I hope you consider checking us out when we release the game, and that you enjoy it if you do. Thank you for your compliments and perspective. 🙂

      • Daniel Schroeder

        I got major LocoRoco vibes, but having played that game a lot, this looks far from a clone. Looks very nice!

  • Henrik Hakobyan

    This looks AWESOME!

  • skylined87

    Holy dinklage

  • YankeeBlue000

    Looks cool and cute but seems more like a game aimed at kids but looks could be decieving. I guess we'll find out soon enough

    • Dora Breckinridge

      Hey ho, Dora here from Armor Games Studios. Thanks for your kind words! It's very much intended to be the sort of game everyone can enjoy, though I know that sounds kind of nebulous. Catfishbox's aim was to create a very fun but relaxing experience that embodies the same sort of bouncy feelings in their soundtrack... which they made themselves, by the way. I hope you consider checking us out when we release. 🙂

      • YankeeBlue000

        I will give it try. I actually like tilt controlled games. I just hope there's some challenging gameplay to go along with the cute visuals🙂..btw speaking of challenging what's going on with the Sonny update? Any news??

      • Dora Breckinridge

        Hey there! So the thing with Sonny is that we're trying to obviously balance it without breaking it. When Krin made the game, every enemy was individually fine-tuned and tweaked to force strategy and support, like the enemies that heal or speed buff others, or the ones that need to be stunned to avoid big attacks. So big sweeping changes across the board are hard to make without feeling like you're upsetting the whole ecosystem, though in addition to specific boss tweaks and changes, we are implementing game-wide changes. I really want to get this patch to you guys ASAP, and we're talking with Krin daily to make sure it's as fine-tuned as possible. We appreciate your support and I apologize that it's taken as long as it has.

      • YankeeBlue000

        Thanx for the info and the commitment to the game and its fans Btw I really like Sonny It caught me by surprise I never played the original

      • YankeeBlue000

        Will this game be premium? I like premium lol 😂

      • Dora Breckinridge

        Hey there! Sorry, I missed your response. Yes, the game will be premium. No ads or in-app purchases!

  • redribbon

    looks great. still feels like rolando in disguise to me, but ill definitely pick this one up. great games on iOS are rare these days, so if i can spot one ill grab it.

  • YankeeBlue000

    Never played Rolando but this game seems almost identical as that one. It could pass as a sequel or remaster.