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NimbleBit to Release ‘Bit City’ on March 13th

Are you ready for some Bit City? Well, I hope so, because you’re gonna get it quite soon. NimbleBit has announced a Monday, March 13th release for Bit City. NimbleBit is expanding from just building towers, death-laser-equipped space stations (rest in power, Tiny Death Star), and transportation networks, and now has you building a whole dang city for yourself. The classy Eric Ford has a preview of the game that will tell you everything you need to know.

There’s sure to be some fun town-building action to be had with all your rowdy friends on Monday, March 13th. Which seems like an odd release day, but I’ve been hearing various rumblings about odd release plans around this date and before, so perhaps there’s a good reason for it. Or maybe NimbleBit just doesn’t care for Thursdays. Which is a shame, because it’s my favorite day of the week, full of promise for the weekend ahead, and a great day for buffalo wing specials.