Have you been waiting on a new game from EightyEight Games? Have you heeded the command that You Must Build a Boat [$2.99] a bunch, and am interested in something else? Well, the studio's Luca Redwood has released a teaser trailer for a game called Photographs. The teasaer aims to reveal the mood for the game, described as a "puzzle game that tells five tragic stories." Interesting, and out of left field for EightyEight Games.

Luca Redwood is hanging out in our Discord channel, and dropped the hint that the game would feature pixel art, and not just the endearing programmer art of 10000000 [$2.99] fame. No, Octavi Navarro, whose art you'll see in the upcoming Thimbleweed Park, will be providing artwork for this game. So it should be a looker. Given EightyEight's stellar track record, high expectations are to be had for Photographs. No pressure or anything!

  • Jason

    That is one of the absolute worst tease videos I've ever seen. Looks like it was shot in five minutes with the intern's phone.

    • Kiltedsheep

      Hah! Fair point. Nevertheless, given the dev's track record, I'm excited for the game.

    • lezrock

      Haha true. I get a lord of the rings vibe.

  • Sangeet Shukla

    Expect better in first teaser,probably i will not open the link if the old game was not mentioned in the title...