Armor Games’ RPG ‘Sonny’ Gets First $0.99 Sale

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Armor Games’ reboot/remake of cult hit Flash RPG Sonny (Free) came to iOS, and it proved to be quite the impressive production. Oh, and it was $2.99 without IAP, which was a good enough deal as it was. But if you haven’t checked out this RPG yet, then now’s the time, as the game has just gone down to $0.99 in its first sale. It can’t get any cheaper unless it goes free, so you have no reason to not check this out.

Sonny is a quite deep game, as you have a vareity of abilities and character options for your portagonist that you can use. And battling is about fighting very strategically, utilizing your moves and their wait timers to your greatest advantage. Yet, the game has some of the simplified aspects of mobile RPGs, such as lacking an overworld, and featuring AI allies that help you out. It’s an interesting mix, and you can read our review for more on this title.

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