The latest Pokemon GO [Free] update with a whole new cast of critters to collect launched last week, and it's been great to see so many people venture outside - in the bracing cold Winter weather, no less - to try and discover and catch fan favorites from Totodile to Tyranitar. However, if you planned to catch 'em all without having to venture further from your local neighbourhood, you may unfortunately be out of luck. Similarly to the initial 151 set of creatures, some of the Pokemon within the game are exclusive to select regions, and it appears that Ash's Bug/Fighting stalwart Heracross, as well as the strange coral-like creature Corsola are only obtainable in certain locations and regions around the world.

While the previous region exclusive Pokemon were relatively easy to distinguish - with Kangaskhan, Tauros, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch'd obtainable in the identifiable areas of Australasia, North America, Europe, and South East Asia respectively, the new locale-specific creatures are a little more complicated to nail down. Heracross is obtainable below what the excellent Pokemon GO community at TheSilphRoad has dubbed the 'Tauros line', as pictured above - effectively where Niantic distinguish between North and South America. However, this does mean that Heracross can in fact be captured in specific southern towns within the United States, with many in Florida and the lower end of Texas able to encounter the majestic blue beetle. Similarly, Corsola appears to be exclusive to the particularly vague 'tropical' climates, which have been roughly estimated to be between the latitudes of 31N and 26S. For those with an aversion to coordinates, this means anyone in areas such as Tenerife, the Canary Islands, the Philippines, and again Texas and Florida are able to recruit Corsola to their creature collection.

Sadly, Heracross and Corsola, as well as the other four regional exclusive Pokemon, aren't obtainable from eggs. This means anyone who is unable to travel to the four corners of the world is unlikely to complete their Pokedex in Pokemon GO until the long-awaited training features have been implemented, and only the most dedicated and well travelled trainers will get close to the full 251 anytime soon. While the exclusivity of these two popular Pokemon may be disappointing, there are still over eighty Johto monsters left to catch - let us know the favourite new creatures you've encountered over the past week on our forum thread.

[via TheSilphRoad]

  • noteatino

    Already got both of them!

    • gonif

      You do understand how karma works, right? Next time, enjoy your good fortune and keep your mouth shut.

      • Lady Lunara

        Christ, you seem bitter.

      • Nigel Neo

        Someone's jealous

      • gonif

        No, I just hate it when people waste everyone else's time boasting. No one cares what a special snowflake you are. Keep it to yourself.

      • Stardust

        I hope you never ever boast about doing something you are happy or proud of, because that wastes everyones time. Keep your happiness to yourself. Btw gratz on getting them =)

      • Valentin Pena

        Geez, hate to be that guy.

      • Killy the Bid

        @gonif Wow you sound miserable. I hope you find what makes you happy in life.
        @noteatino That's awesome CONGRATS on finding them!!!

    • Masroor Wasi

      where ????

      • David

        Just location spoof?

      • Kaylesha Blackheart

        Nope. If you live near that border line for Heracross and Tauros in Florida, you can also catch Corsola. Orange County is hot (Orlando and closer areas).

        I live in Florida, have Heracross AND Corsola (live in Lakeland), but I have to drive a couple hours due north if I want a Tauros. I've never spoofed anything.

  • 김지 킫밸

    YES!! Florida is included in the Mediterranean belt!!!

  • Drope SM

    Don't know if this line thing is true. I'm from Rio, Brazil and I found a lot of Heracross!

    • SqFKYo

      Rio is south of the line. The other one was between the lines.

      • Drope SM

        Rio is between the lines. Acording to this map, only 2 states are South of the line in Brazil

      • Juan Marin

        Heracross is everywhere south of Tauros line. Corsola can only be found between those 2 lines.

    • Karan Magnani

      Where exactly in Rio did you find it??

  • Leonardo

    Some people have hatched Corsola from 5km eggs in Brazil

    • Kaylesha Blackheart

      I hatched a Corsola here in southwest central Florida, nobody believes me. I've also hatched ONE Heracross. Haven't seen either since the big pre-anniversary update and the gym update.

  • Kidoku Ōyou

    I already got Corsola, yet still didn't have any of Kanto's Regional

  • Prashanth Narayanan

    I caught a corsola in India. There are tons here.

    • rajat nagi

      Where r u frm

      • Leonardo

        He's from India man, he already said it

    • aayush singh rathore

      bhai india me kahan se?

  • Donald Ebert

    Caught one Corsola in Corpus Christi and one in San Antonio

  • Bliquid

    A bathroom wall segment that plays rock music.

  • Nosey Parker

    The line is in the wrong place. Check the radar for Houston.... Loads of Corsola.. ..

  • SOA

    Really stupid decision to make a good one regional exclusive

    • z0mbiezak

      Really stupid to make regional exclusives in general. Make them exclusive to the whole continent, not a select region.

  • Loki Laufeyson

    Found Corsola on the west coast in the US. |:

    • Chris Bristol

      You're lying. I am as far south on the West Coast as is possible and they are not found anywhere in San Diego or San Ysidro, which is the southernmost point of the US west coast.

  • Land Turtle

    rip, live in austin tx

  • Max Truman Weesner

    screw you all i live in iowa

  • Ronald van der Meer

    I got corsola in Honolulu so the region is incorrect

    • Claire White

      Hawaii is between those lines.

  • i see fire.

    ... Corsola, Farfetch'd, Tauros, Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, and Heracross ARE obtainable through eggs though. My mother in law has Mr. Mime and Farfetch'd and we live in Michigan.

  • Shananang

    Why is heracross excusive, he is a good pokemon. Atleast let him be hatched or evolved from a baby

  • angiemc

    there was a heracross in a gym near me yesterday, I'm in Scotland, UK

  • Riffy Raff

    I've been passing up on catching Corsola because I have too many and can't really do anything with it. I caught 14 out of 17 here in the Philippines. I now got 224 Pokémon. Latest being Miltank from a 10km egg. I'm disappointed because I still don't have a Cleffa. Never got one even during Valentine's. All I can do is keep walking.

  • Ann Peck Abdelzaher

    I was below the line in Australia and never even glimpsed a Heracross... I wasn't between the lines so no Corsula either but at least I got my Khangaskan... only farfetched and the gen 2 to go.

    • Mike (AssaUnbound)

      That's because it's below the line for the American continents..

  • Kaylesha Blackheart

    Cute little alligator water-type starter. They're a fun looking species till they're done evolving. Then they got hit with the ugly stick.