We already posted about all the changes coming to Hearthstone [Free] this year as the Year of the Mammoth card rotation hits with the release of the next card set, and one tiny detail in the avalanche of information that caused a few of us to raise our eyebrows was the full-cost dust refunds Blizzard is doing for gold Classic cards that are getting shifted to the new "Hall of Fame." The idea is cards that instead of nerfing cards that are a little too powerful, or are restricting design space, they're just shifting them over to Wild and giving their full dust value back to players. We reached out to Blizzard to clarify exactly how this all works, and it turns out if you've got the dust right now to craft a bunch of gold cards, you can effectively get them for "free."

Once it officially becomes the Year of the Mammoth, Blizzard is going to scan everyone's card collections and refund dust based on what you have at that time up to the playable maximum in a deck- Regardless of whether you've had them for years or you crafted them the day before. These are the cards that are getting refunded:

  • Azure Drake
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Power Overwhelming
  • Ice Lance
  • Conceal

Blizzard will refund based on the maximum value of the cards you have, so it will prioritize giving you dust back for gold cards over the normal cards. Say you have 2x gold Ice Lances and 2x normal Ice Lances, you'll be getting 800 dust back, or 400 for each of the gold cards. If you have 1x gold Ice Lance and 2x normal Ice Lances, you'll get 440 dust, 400 for the single gold card, 40 for the normal card, and nothing for the third card.

So, if you care about getting as many gold cards as possible, it makes a lot of sense to craft:

  • 2x gold Azure Drake
  • 1x gold Sylvanas Windrunner
  • 1x gold Ragnaros the Firelord
  • 2x gold Power Overwhelming
  • 2x gold Ice Lance
  • 2x gold Conceal

Assuming you have none of the cards, you'll need to front 10,400 dust, but you'll get it all back once the Year of the Mammoth launches. If you're drowning in dust, it seems worth doing, as particularly at this point in the Hearthstone card release cycle it's unlikely you're going to come across any cards you absolutely must craft since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan has been out quite a while. And heck, per Ben Brode, you can even disenchant the cards after the refund so assuming you have none of the golden cards, craft them all, and disenchant them all after the rotation, you'll "profit" 3,700 dust for your 10,400 dust "investment."

  • Joshua Wenzel

    Title is technically incorrect. You can't get both the "profit" dust AND the cards. You can get one or the other. And it only works if you don't already own them (those folks only have the profit option).

  • Frans Indrawan

    misleading article

  • aconfusedkender

    Those are some pretty well used cards. I guess the new expansion is going to have cards like what we're about to lose. Similar but a little less power

  • Alessandro Caffi

    Rare cards is 100 dust, not 40
    Gold rare card is 800 dust, not 400
    "Assuming you have none of the cards, you'll need to front 9,600 dust"
    You'll need 10,400 dust

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Shit, Azure Drake is a rare. The hilarious part about this is I triple checked all the math and literally pasted my conclusion paragraph to Blizzard to make sure it was correct. Ah well, fixed the article.

      • Alessandro Caffi

        You forgot to fix this part:
        "Say you have 2x gold Azure Drakes and 2x normal Azure Drakes, you'll be getting 800 dust back, or 400 for each of the gold cards. If you have 1x gold Azure Drake and 2x normal Azure Drakes, you'll get 440 dust, 400 for the single gold card, 40 for the normal card, and nothing for the third card."

        The correct numbers are, in the same order:
        1600 (insted of 800), 800(instead of 400), 900 (instead of 440). 800 and 100 (instead of 400 and 40)

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        *fart noises*

  • Skeletor

    Once again they figured out a way to nerf warlock even further. We have the weakest early clearing and still they screwed us. Not that any of this matters since RNG is rigged anyways.

    • Pinny0101

      Hmm? With hellfire and demonwrath, warlock literally has the best early clear out of any class in the game.

    • Charle Ndiaye

      POW is busted, it made sense when you didn't have as much deathrattle/charge/clone effects but now it just allows warlock's already busted early game to trade up into mid and late game cards and come out on top

    • Bluesdealer

      Renolock won't last forever. Sorry. Warlock used to be a primarily aggro class before Handlock came along, anyway. Reno is still good at clearing aggro. I was climbing the ranks pretty quickly as beast druid until I started running into Reno. I built up an overwhelming board 3 times only to be cleared until my cards ran out.

  • Lickzy

    Thanks for this. It gave me some incentive to open this up again after a couple years. I really missed playing my Freeze Mage deck

  • Maha 099

    Math seems off.

    If you have normal Sylvanas, you get 1600 dust when the refund comes.
    If you have golden Sylvanas, you get 3200 dust when the refund comes.
    If you have both normal and golden, you get 3200 dust when the refund comes.
    If you have normal Sylvanas and craft golden Sylvanas, you will spend
    3200 dust and get 3200 back, then gain 1600 dust from disenchanting the golden one.
    If you did nothing, you would just gain 1600 dust.

    Same math holds for the rares, and only changes for the commons:

    If you have normal PO x2, you get 40x2 = 80 dust when the refund comes.
    If you have golden PO x2, you get 400x2 = 800 dust when the refund comes.
    If you have both normal and golden, you get 800 dust when the refund comes.

    If you have normal POs and craft golden POs, you will spend 800 dust and get 800 back, then disenchant for 100 profit.
    If you did nothing, you would just gain 80 dust.

    So the only cards you can profit from crafting are any golden commons you don't have. There's 20 dust to be gained for each pair of commons, for a grand total of 60 dust.

    • falcon

      exactly right, I did a little research and accounting around that and reached the same results so looks like the Author went a little bit excited on the news and put things dawn a little bit just not right!

    • Johnnyk

      Are you sure you get 3200 if you have both golden and normal sylvanas/rag? I think you get 4800 and then you get 2000 more if you disenchant them

      • hTristan

        You get credited for the highest value sylvanas you own. If you dont care about gold cards and already have a sylvanas, don't bother crafting one, you wont net any additional dust.

      • Aaron Stezycki

        strictly speaking thats not true if you disenchant gold syvanas afterwards... build gold syvanas... for 3200, get 3200 back on the update... disenchant sylvanas for 1600 dust profit. Do that for both legendary gold cards... and you have a profit of 3200 dust. ... and thats just the legendaries... do it for the rares and commons for a bit more.

    • Bobby Boucher

      If you consider it at just dust value then yes. If you consider the value of your collection then no. Crafting and Keeping the golden version of the cards will increase the value of your collection more than doing nothing and getting dust for non-golden. The negative effect is that you have less liquidated dust to spend.

      I have Sylvanas so I craft the golden one, I invest 3200 Dust to get her. Now Un'goro comes out and I get my 3200 back, then I disenchant my regular Sylvanas and get 400 dust, but now I have a golden Sylvanas + 400 dust, which is net 2000 value vs 1600 from just keeping regular Sylvanas. That means down the road you have to cash in on the golden version dust if you pick up another regular but the overall value is still there.

      For Azure drake it's 100 dust per drake if you do nothing, but you net 0 for crafting golden and you can pick up 20 dust per drake net by canning the regular version afterward.

      For Commons, it's actually the still better, even though you can get the net dust boost immediately as you pointed out. It's only really a 5 dust net per common so if you consider you get 10 right away or 15 when you actually pick up another regular version of that common, it's up to you.

      • Mhm

        "...but now I have a golden Sylvanas + 400 dust, which is net 2000 value vs 1600 from just keeping regular Sylvanas".

        By just keeping regular Sylvanas you will have same net 2000 value (1600 refund + 400 value of disenchanting). So the only difference is visual golden vs regular card in your collection.

      • LightBrand .

        What he means is having Golden Sylv (if you value that at 1600 dust because of disenchant) + 400 Dust. Is better than Regular Sylvanas (value at 400) + 1600 dust solely because of the fact that the first option he can convert his Gold to Normal at no cost at a later date.

        Whereas the second option if he were to ever want to go from his Normal Syl + 400 dust into Golden Sylv AFTER Mammoth update he'll be going into the negative.

    • Rui Fernandes

      The actual grand profit comes if you don't have a legendary card (not that unusual) and don't really care about having it (let's say you are a pure standard player).

      In that case you craft the gold card, spend 3200, get 3200 back, then disenchant for a 1600 profit.

      If you actually have all the regular versions of the cards, then the hack referred on this post is pretty low value

      • Charle Ndiaye

        free golden rag and sylvanas sounds pretty good to me

      • Rui Fernandes

        I won't play wild, and couldn't care less about collectibles, so i'll just take that yummy dust instead 😀