‘Star Trek Timelines’ ‘Season of Love’ Event Is all About a Mating Ritual

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Thanks to Captain Kirk, weird mating rituals are an…interesting part of Star Trek, so it’s not surprising that Star Trek Timelines (Free)  has a Season of Love event starting today that is all about a mating ritual. Apparently, the weird merging (coupling) of time and space triggered the peculiar pon farr mating ritual with every Vulcan in the galaxy simultaneously, so any Vulcan left unattended is at risk of becoming a plak tow, a combative and irrational individual. To save the universe, you’ll have to help Vulcans hook up, which I’m pretty sure is not what Captain Picard thought would be doing when he woke up this week.

The event has gone live today and will run until February 20th. There’s a special event crew that includes Ambassador Troi as well as unique Federation Faction Missions. And, of course, you get to enjoy this weird event.

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