Nothing gets my motor humming quite like a frantic dual-stick shooter dungeon crawler, and the upcoming Soul Knight from developer ChillyRoom looks to fit that bill perfectly. In an effort to tie it all together, ChillyRoom gives a basic storyline for Soul Knight in the App Description: "In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…" and then immediately afterwards writes "We honestly can’t keep making it all up. Let’s just shoot some alien minions!" THAT is the only motivation I need, ChillyRoom! Check out the awesome trailer for Soul Knight.

While Soul Knight doesn't appear to be breaking any sort of new ground in the fantasy-themed world of dungeon crawling, it certainly looks to offer up tons of variety in terms of playable characters and weaponry. It also has a nice fast pace and LOTS of bullets flying everywhere. I like it! Soul Knight is currently in early access on the Google Play Store, and according to the developers the response to this early beta release has been extremely positive. They expect to be doing the official global launch on February 16th on both iOS and Android, and I really can't wait.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    Looks fun.

  • HelperMonkey

    If you need some bullet hell with your dungeon crawling...

  • Galois

    This looks great.

  • spizak

    Enter the gungeon

  • MajesticLobster

    Like Heroes of Loot, but not a sloppy mess.

    • Lickzy

      My thoughts exactly. Could not have said it better myself

    • spizak

      It looks a lot closer to enter the dungeon being bullethell inspired.

  • esty8nine

    This looks so awesome

  • Puke Aces

    I'm glad I got to test it out on android! It feels like enter the gungeon for mobile.

  • rezn

    Thanks so much for covering these Android (sometimes Steam or soft launches).

  • rezn

    Not bad for a little Enter The Gungeon knockoff.

  • Sangeet Shukla

    downloaded it ,tried to play but game stuck on first level so uninstalled it,proabbaly i will redownload it. #lastchance

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Man, this looks so good it almost hurts! Hope there's an option to hide the virtual sticks though.