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‘The Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost’ From the Developer of ‘Coldfire Keep’ Releases Next Week

You don’t have long to wait for another first-person dungeon crawler to enter your life. Crescent Moon Games has announced that The Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost will be releasing on iOS on February 16th. This game is by Steve Jarman, who made a couple of great entries in the genre with Descend RPG ($1.99) and Coldfire Keep ($4.99). In fact Deep Paths is basically a spiritual successor to Coldfire Keep, which you can tell from the trailer that there’s a similar basis. That means grid-based movement, active turn-based combat, and a party of heroes to go into battle with in a light-hearted adventure. Overly-serious RPGs have their time and place, but there’s so many tropes that are just waiting to be skewered again and again.

The Deep Paths should run you $4.99, will be a universal app, and will feature ReplayKit Live so you can stream straight from your iPhone or iPad. Or play it on both and stream from both at the same time, see if I’ll stop you! Check it out next week on iOS, with an Android version planned later on. Be sure to ]check out the game’s forum thread as well!