Banner Saga [$9.99] and Banner Saga 2 [$9.99] were two fantastic, if brutal, games that were very well-received despite, or maybe because, their brutality. You see, these two games had players making some of the hardest choices a gamer has ever had to make, and most who've played them talk about the impact those games made. As Andrew pointed out in his review of Banner Saga 2, the game's immersive universe makes you feel bad in a good way. The developer Stoic has now officially launched the Kickstarter for Banner Saga 3, and the game is almost funded three days in, so we know we'll be getting Banner Saga 3 on mobile at some point in the future. The Kickstarter page has started unveiling part of Banner Saga 3's lore and new enemies (?), so if you've finished the first two, you can go here and catch up.

I'm glad to see the developers return to Kickstarter because their decision to skip kickstarting the second one ended up costing them dearly both in terms of development money but also ultimately in sales. You see, as the developers found out after doing the second one without the community, kickstarters can often work as rallying cries for a game's fanbase and a way for players to feel more involved. Banner Saga 3, then, returns to the series' roots and already has the community by its side. The estimated PC delivery is in a year, so that probably gives you a year and a half to go play the first two in preparation for the series finale.

  • scottsoapbox

    So you're saying I should get to Banner Saga 1 in my backlog...

    • Onikage725

      Absolutely! I'm on my second play through of Banner Saga 2. I have a file for each ending of the first game.

  • Bootsy

    I really disagree. Banner Saga 1 had a ton of choices where totally unrelated actions would happen as a result. I didn't feel drawn in so much as amused by how ridiculous the results were.

  • rhinofinger

    "Long-awaited" seems like a bit of a stretch ... Banner Saga 2 was just released 4 months ago (Sep 2016)

    • DenzilofDojima

      Was thinking the same thing myself...

    • Michal Hochmajer

      April 19, 2016 and I am awaiting this great finale since Banner Saga 1 so... 🙂

    • Onikage725

      It depends on platform. It came out in April on Steam, July on console, and mobile in September. So, for some players, it's been close to a year. On top of this, the first game was always touted as part 1 of 3, and a common complaint was that the ending felt like it came on a little too fast. So, people have been wanting to get the full story in their hands as far back as 2014.

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Aye aye sir! Orders received! Dust cleaned, spiders repealed, Steam still working! We are ready to dive in again! One and half year duty before release accepted!

  • MARl0

    Long awaited? The last game came out only like half a year ago...

    • Onikage725

      April, on Steam. So close to a year. And, like I said above, the series was always billed as a trilogy. So, it's really been "anticipated" since the first game launched. Mileage may vary. If you just bought the bundle on PS4 last July or just picked them up with the launch of 2 on mobile...yeah. But if you've been following this since the Kickstarter, play on Steam, and maybe even played the multiplayer spinoff they launched ahead of the first game, you've been plugging away at this series for almost 3 years now lol