A few months back, we wrote about GMT deciding to turn Commands & Colors into a digital game, but we weren't sure whether that would include mobile as well. In a recent update, GMT announced that the digital versions of Command & Colors: Ancients and Command & Colors: Napoleonics will be coming to PC before the end of 2017, and then a couple of months later will invade the iPad, so we are getting the games after all. The developers intent to release the games for Android as well and possibly for iPhone. The titles will offer cross-platform multiplayer and scenario builder and will include additional expansions as add-ons released over the next couple of years.

The team behind the games is HexWar Games and Lordz Games Studio of Belgium, the latter having developed Panzer Corps and Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon. If you don't know anything about the game, Commands & Colors is a pretty simply system where players take turns using command cards to move units around the map and conduct combat. It's not a very complex system, which is what makes it so adjustable, but it's still very entertaining.

  • JP Falcon

    I hope the C&C series does well, especially Napoleon so that they will consider all of the expansions.....

    • Tallgeese

      That acronym is already taken, please choose another...

  • Louis-Nicolas Dozois

    This is cool! Such a great system. Not a huge fan of all the added complexity of BattleLore but a HUGE fan of Memoir'44

  • Kalesti

    Speaking of Memoir '44...it seems crazy to me there isn't a mobile version of that game yet.