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‘Commands & Colors’ Going Digital, Hopefully Coming to Mobile, Too

There’s been talk of Commands & Colors coming to tablets for literally ages now, but so far nothing has come out of that. I remember Playdek was supposed to bring the famous tabletop game to mobile back in 2012, but then it didn’t, and most of us simply wrote it off. Apparently, we moved a bit too soon to do so. In the latest update on its digital plans and fortunes, GMT announced that a press release about Commands & Colors going digital will be coming soon and talked about how it has found an experienced digital team to make the games. The announcement mentions Commands & Colors Ancients and Commands and Colors Napoleonics, which is a great start.

If you don’t know much about Commands & Colors, it’s a pretty simple system where players take turns using their command cards to move units around the map and conduct combat. It’s not a very complex system, which is why it can so easily be adjusted to represent various periods. The digital games are planned for Summer 2017, and I’m hoping we’ll get them on our tablets, too.