Some of our favorite developers have recently voiced their concern over something they treasure very much. Politics and Policy are not subjects we normally broach here in the hallowed halls of Touch Arcade, but when the mobile community is impacted by something, we like to put a little light on it.

In this article by Joseph Knnop with waypoint, he shares some personal stories as well as some very interesting corollaries between the indie dev boom of 2008 and the creation of the now endangered United States Affordable Care Act. He points out that their proximity in time is probably more than just coincidence. In 2015 over a quarter of American game developers were not provided with health care by their employer and that number is very much impacted by how much indie development has grown since 2008, in part by the availability of healthcare through the ACA.

Our very own editor-in-chief Eli Hodapp has also weighed in, sharing personally how important this issue is especially considering that both he and co-editor Jared Nelson are both dependent on the ACA for access to healthcare.

Some truly life saving events have occurred in our little corner of the world because of this legislation and we are so very thankful for those lives and what they have gone on to create. With the promise of continuing a government program in the spirit of the ACA, we remain hopeful that U.S. developers and all Americans continue to have the freedom to have access to healthcare. The weight of the alternative is too heavy to bear consideration.

  • IkedaT

    I for one vote to keep politics off of TouchArcade.

    • Eli Hodapp

      We typically do, but this is very important. Without the ACA we wouldn't have seen the indie dev boom that lead to the App Store getting so big because no one (including myself) could have afforded to leave their big company jobs with benefits since in the US there was effectively no alternative.

  • cakeyface

    Good for you guys. Hope it works out for you.

  • OG Mudbone

    You do have a right to healthcare. It's called getting a job and signing up for a plan.

    • Dragontears969

      Yes getting a CORPORATE job and not an indie one or you could pay over $500 a month for independent insurance.

      • islesfan

        Yes, but now with the affordable care act, you can get your insurance for a mere $900 per month and with just a $12,000 deductible. What a savings! The "affordable" care act can't be repealed soon enough.

    • ZethRTR

      I'm not sure if you understand how healthcare insurance works for many millions of people in America whose jobs do not fall under a corporate umbrella.

    • Nathan Reinauer

      In other words, goodbye TouchArcade and the hundreds of indie devs who innovate and supply your phone with hundreds of fantastic games. "Getting a job and signing up for a plan" means working somewhere like EA, if they are lucky. I hope you like free-to-play sports games.

  • ZethRTR

    In today's world healthcare should be a right. As a burgeoning healthcare attorney, I am gravely concerned about access to affordable healthcare for many Americans in the coming years. On the bright side, the passage and success of the ACA has led to "repeal and replace" as opposed to simply "repeal" legislation. Here's to hoping whatever replaces the ACA furthers affordable healthcare for all in America.

    • islesfan

      If, as you say, "healthcare should be a right," that means you should have the right to compel service from someone. We tried that method once before, it ended in a bloody civil war as I recall.