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‘Puff’, the Love Child of ‘Flappy Bird’ and ‘Downwell’, Gets First Trailer and February 23rd Release Date

Earlier this month we gave you the first look at two new games coming from the Frosty Pop Corps. One was the wacky take on hockey called Slap Shots! which will be arriving next week, and the second was an intriguing-looking game called Puff which the developers had described as a hybrid of sorts between Flappy Bird and Downwell. It was a bit hard to determine just what they meant by that based on the brief animated gifs previously released for Puff, but today the first full trailer for the game has arrived and those influences are pretty clear.

As you can see, you’ll be playing as, er, Puff and use one button to “flap" and ascend the screen while using two different buttons to either shoot to the right or left. It seems like a fun concept and almost like a Bizarro World version of Downwell, which I’m totally okay with. Along with this new trailer comes a release date of February 23rd for Puff, so sit back and relax for about a month and before you know it you’ll be Puff‘ing along on your iOS device.