Good news for fans of the Kingdom Rush series, easily one of the most popular tower defense franchises out there. And Ironhide Games is set to continue the franchise, with a fourth game that they're now teasing. Not a lot of details beyond a teaser image and the quote "the bad guys shall have their revenge." Could this mean a game where you play as the bad guys? Quite possibly!


What about the other game Ironhide was working on, Iron Marines? Well, that's been a bit quiet lately, but it's still in the works! In fact, the game just entered beta about a month ago:

So fans of Ironhide's work should have a busy 2017 to get excited for. What's kind of funny is the comment on the Kingdom Rush teaser page from a fan calling Ironhide greedy for not releasing Kingdom Rush Origins [$2.99 / $4.99 (HD)] on PC. I feel like when it comes to greed, not releasing a game on a platform isn't really the traditional definition of greedy? I mean, unless it's greedy to potentially not release a port if it's not expected to make back what it costs. Hmm.

  • speedyph

    I just see. This on there Facebook page u are rite carter ! People just like to complain !😂😂😂

  • Brian E


  • lightasammo

    This is very exciting... Hoping for 2 great experiences before the end of 2017! Hopefully they port them both to Mac this time if not via App Store then at least via steam.

  • bhayes444

    Heck, I have seen someone say a game sucks because most of its content was locked behind a paywall. The paywall in this instance was a $4.99 unlock for the whole game! Some people...

    • hellscaretaker

      Today people pay $60 for console/pc and don't bat a eye lid. Anything above $1.00 on mobile and people up in arms don't understand it

  • Tychaeus

    SO glad to hear that Iron Marines is still in the works AND even better that they finally started beta a month ago. This game was initially supposed to be released like...October or November 2016. I had given up hope, but now I can add this to my list of most wanted 2017 mobile games. That list includes:
    Iron Marines
    Exiles of Embermark (actually this is numero uno imho)
    Wave light's new sci fi take on their tactical/srpg genre
    Card Thief (which if anything like the beta...can't wait)

  • hil

    I can't wait for both games! The Kingdom Rush games are my all-time favorite mobile games and Iron Marines looked like great fun.

  • redribbon

    i can safely say that here comes another prequel of the best tower defense game on mobile platform.

    • Cerberus_17

      Based off of the picture, this should be an actual sequel to the first game. I think it's the villain from the original.

  • tex32

    No one does it better when it comes to tower defense! Can't wait to get my hands on Iron Marines - feels like it's been on the horizon forever!

  • Dave McGinn

    Downloaded Castle Creeps the other day - straight-up rip-off of these guys in a sickly freemium wrapper. Hopefully they won't go the same way.

  • Fangbone

    Great news! Excited for both games

  • murphdoch

    Save your comments for the comments Carter

    • Carter Dotson

      TouchArcade IS my comment section!

  • eternaldragonx

    Absolutely love the Kingdom Rush series but please dont get fat and happy. It has little to no replay value and is finished very quickly. Hopefully you guys put in some new mechanics outside the gameplay, quests system, hero items for enhancements and even items to enhance certain towers would be great.

    • GBiv

      Wouldn't that end up turning into a free-to-play game though? You never see a mobile game with that many levels of progression unless they're aiming to make you pay 1 dollar for every unlock.
      Also, why are you commenting to the Ironhide devs when this isn't their website?

      • eternaldragonx

        Because I'm a jackass thats why.

  • Mark Smith

    "What's kind of funny is the comment on the Kingdom Rush teaser page from a fan calling Ironhide greedy for not releasing Kingdom Rush Origins [$2.99 / $4.99 (HD)] on PC"

    It may not be a matter of greed but it's just sad that you can't play it on your home computer.