Card City Nights 2Card City Nights was a very entertaining and whimsical card game with a focus on single player over multiplayer, and today developer Ludosity announced that Card City Nights 2 is under development, and this time around the game will include online multiplayer. Card City Nights managed to be quite a fun card game despite not having online multiplayer, a feature many consider a requirement for mobile card games. The art, the humor, and the entertaining mechanics made Card City Nights a fun change from the ultra-competitiveness of other mobile card games.

We have no information at this point on a possible release date or even which version of the game will come out first, PC or mobile, but I'm happy that at some point, we'll be getting more Card City Nights, and this time around we'll be able to play with others.

  • gaberaph

    Woohoo! Finally!

  • Zaraf

    The first game was awesome. Looking forward to this!

  • MintCity


  • Tallgeese

    The OG Card City Nights and my new faves Psycard are still on sale for one dinar each, I think! ((((Psycard 2, please!))))

  • yachris

    FANTASTIC! Card City Nights was a blast -- I really liked the characters and the gameplay. Can't wait!

  • Mrwubbs


  • therion3

    I loved that single player campaign was really polished in the first one. Hope the 2nd will have a good solo campaign too!