After weeks (months?) of people asking on a nearly daily basis where The Binding of Issac: Rebirth [$14.99], it finally hit last night and both the forum thread and the comments on the release post. Amid the excitement and pricing complaints are a few interesting tidbits from developer Tyrone Rodriguez.

First off, if you're worried about the price of the game and forking out fifteen bucks only to have it go on sale in a couple weeks, Rodriguez has committed to the game's price staying the same, saying "The price will not change, a month from now or a year from now." Additionally, the iOS version of The Binding of Issac is the best performing iteration of the game, running at a solid 60fps on the iPhone 6 and more recent device.

Better yet, as mentioned on our forums not only is the game universal to run both on the iPhone and iPad (with cloud save game syncing) but in the future they'll also be bringing it to the Apple TV via the same original purchase by expanding the universal binary to the Apple TV as well. So, grab the game now and play it on your iPhone and/or iPad, and when it's eventually released on the Apple TV you'll own it there too.

  • Xanthon

    Well done, Tyrone. Committing to a price is what I wanna hear. It erased any hesitation about upcoming sales.

  • MintCity

    I'm completely in now. Sold. Well done.

  • Shkrbby

    The price SHOULDN'T change, ever. This is a premium produce.

    • nonen

      Like a fine head of lettuce.

      • houseofg

        @nonen Well played! Haha!

    • Timmy2x

      Your crazy 99% of mobile games go on sale it's how they attract new interest when the numbers are sinking, the statements from the developers are a desperate attempt to "force" quick sales. This is my opinion and not fact like it or leave it.

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        I like it!

  • iValerio1990

    please, can you explain me what sort of game is that ? i'm interested. thank you

  • sobriquet

    It has nothing to do with the price, but I'm going to wait for the Apple TV update. I have so many games on my phone right now and there just aren't enough quality games on Apple TV.

  • Astalos16

    First time playing this game, very interesting

  • Oats

    That trailer looks like a bad college film and I dont like the game animation in the few short clips shown ☹️
    I'm conflicted about purchasing it...
    I purchased "don't starve" but couldn't get into it, is this game like that?
    Can someone give me a comparison to other games?

    • spizak

      No, this is twin stick shooter with very floaty controls. I'm really hatting how floaty the character feel compering to neon chrome.

  • Aaron C

    Awesome.. I'm buying as soon as it hits Apple TV 🙂

  • Duke12

    Everyone asking whats this like, please use youtube. Search f.e. Northernlion's channel and Im pretty sure thats enough info to form your opinion.

  • Dragontears969

    It is really odd if the price doesn't ever change, after all, Steam has sales all the time, and I know Binding of Isaac has been in some of the sales.

    • houseofg

      Yes, that's what struck me most about this declaration.

  • OrangutanKungfu

    In some ways, I'd like to see the likes of Isaac, Super Mario Run and the Square Enix games setting a new normal for iOS pricing. Loads of mobile gamers have massive backlogs of games they may not get around to for months (or years, or ever). A higher price point may force players to be more selective, and also put more time into exploring and enjoying the games they shell out for. This in turn favours developers who concentrate on depth, story and more rewarding mechanics.

    Obviously, this is also stupid: I love being able to fill folders with games bought for a few dollars here, a few dollars there. But I like to think this could be a potential tipping point for the premium market.

    • Nightxx

      Games developed by big companies are worth spending money cause you know you get your money worth... Besides what they release are usually popular and not some obscure title that only a fraction of people heard about...

      I heard of this game mainly from this site never played and its unlikes I'm going to fork out $15 for it...

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        Binding of Isaac has sold more copies than either of the last two Final Fantasy games. Almost five million copies on PC alone. This developer was also part of Team Meat, whose game Super Meat Boy also sold millions of copies. Edmund McMillen is far from unknown. His publishing partner on this game is Nicalis, who also handled Cave Story's international release and certain versions of NightSky, which are also million-sellers. Binding of Isaac is the biggest release from either of those two parties, is quite famous in the world of gaming, and is certainly nowhere near obscure.

        I believe that you haven't heard of it, but please don't confuse your perspective for a general one.

      • Nightxx

        Not trying to discredit the authors but for these type of games I wont be paying that much for it... Sure you could set whatever price you like for pc and consoles and win a few bucks but the sad reality you have to deal with plenty of competition in the AppStore with people not willing to spend much...

      • Jared Nelson

        They just broke the top 20 in paid games chart so I think they're probably fine with just catering to the people who don't mind paying good money for good products.

      • Nightxx

        Don't get me wrong, I could easily pay that amount knowing I could play it lets say for the next decade or two... this ain't happening with the way iOS is working with every new update breaking the previous one... and you know devs could just ditch their old projects for new ones cause they don't feel obligated to update their apps... we have evidences of this today... pc and console games on the other hand I could easily play even after decades...

        Steve Jobs was right on the money when he said apps shouldn't be more than $0.99 because you're not paying fully for the game you're merely renting them for the short life span of whatever iOS was out...

        I have a huge library of paid games and apps in the 3000s since 2010... one day I will backlog every single game and app I bought and install it on the newest iOS just to see how many games/ apps don't work... Not to mention how many of them were pulled from store...

      • Nightxx

        Before you say... But hey you're already paying premium prices to SE, CAPCOM... What gives ? These are multibillion dollar companies they have the resources and money to maintain their apps for as long as they live... Unlike indie devs under no obligation they would keep updating their apps...

  • CraigAlot

    sorry am I missing something? I bought it due to all the hype and the "RPG" element. While I understand that it is supposed to be hard, is it supposed to be impossible to get past like the 1-3 basements lvls? Do you not get to keep the items you find after you die? Also why no diagonal shooting? you can only shoot up/down/left/right...

    • spizak

      Don't like the shooting. Don't like how floaty/laggy the controls feel. I'm disappointed.

      • Shkrbby

        Stop spamming about the controls. There is nothing wrong with them as all real BOI fans will attest to.

    • Maude St. Nubbins

      Your first mistake was buying anything because of hype, so I don't know what to tell you. This isn't a new game, you could have researched what it was like before hitting the buy button. Caveat Emptor.

      • spizak

        Yeah, but i don't have to like it. I'm not blaming anyone for tricking me into buying it, i can afford not playing it despite spending money just for the fact i was able to warn people in app store review about this - if you like this in desktop version i don't have a problem with it - my review is how i feel about the ios version.

        Your comment doesn't make sense - i should research before buying a shooter if it has floaty controls? Are you kidding me?

        I watched videos and none mentions that it's floaty, so you can try imagining this being a surprise.

      • houseofg

        That was not a response aimed at you, it looks like.

  • David Barajas

    Purchased way too many games that didn't look good at all but since others liked it figured I would give it a try. By not looking good I mean graphics wise. Not to say success such as Minecraft is not warranted. But the way you can build almost whatever you imagine is not something THIS 8-bit looking game supports.
    It's not that $15 is too much. But for a mobile game it does give me pause. Going to play the waiting game on this one. I have a huge back log of paid games waiting for me.

    • Stetch

      Its not how it looks. Its how it plays 🙂

  • spizak

    With a very very very floaty controls. That will kill you more than anything.

    • Shkrbby

      Nothing wrong with the controls. The controls are actually one of the best out there for iOS.

  • David Barajas

    Some of the people here no doubt will have a better idea of this than me. This is $15. I think I paid $7 for Wayword Souls. Another highly praised game. Is WS a bad comparison to BOI? I ask because I couldn't get into WS. Maybe those games just aren't for me. What about BOI is it that actually makes it so fun to you? For example, freedom to explore? Ability to change game ending?
    I will say, I was way late to Diablo. Because of timing, nothing else was out that I didn't play or interest me. And I enjoyed it. I played it to the end. That might be another bad example and not comparable. But it was a game with lower res graphics and dungeons lol.

    • David Barajas

      I watched the trailer and read a little about it. But I think speaking to those who actually play or played this game will be helpful. I believe others will offer insight that I didn't know or see from articles or videos.

    • bunksteve

      Hey David, I'm somebody who has just over 700 hours into the PC version and countless more hours on the PS Vita version as well (When I remember to charge the damn thing). So I feel like I might be able to give you an honest answer here. I'll try to be as brief as possible:

      It's a very hard game. Sort of a cross between a roguelike dungeon crawler and a bullet hell game. It has an amazing amount of depth. It isn't something that you can pick up and master right away. You will die a ton. You will prolly get frustrated a ton. But if the game has it's hooks in you by then... you'll still boot up the next run because you'll be able to see the mistakes you've made.

      There's a ton of RNG involved (Every floor and room is randomly generated, so you won't really recognize repeated rooms or pattern until about your 100th or so hour of playing. While the RNG can be extremely unfair at times, the game also features a ton of items which help add a bit of strategy to that as well.

      Speaking of the items, one of the pure joys of learning the game, for me at least, was figuring out not only what each item did, what situations they worked best in, etc... but also how they interact with each other. There are certain items that will change your attack from bullet-like tears to lasers or bombs. And those items will also mix with other items to give them additional properties.

      Even though the graphics are 16-bit-ish, there are also a number of cool particle effects. Plus I love the art style. The mix between horrifyingly grotesque and cartoonishly cute just works for me. Although I remember showing the game to a friend who was appalled by some of the character designs... but it started to grow even on them after a short while.

      All that being said... PLAY THIS GAME WITH A CONTROLLER! The touch controls are fine, they're implemented well... but some of the twitch-like reflexes needed to master the harder, later levels absolutely require precision controls.

      There are a bunch of secrets and unlocks to be found (Including extra floors to play on, a hidden character, two secret rooms per floor that can be found by placing a bombing next to a corresponding wall). I won't ruin any of those if you decide to take the plunge.

      All in all, it's a fantastic port of a game I really love. Touch controls aside, there isn't much I don't like about it. It runs really smoothly at 60fps, has beautiful (and gross) visuals and the iCloud integration seems to work flawlessly.

      I would highly recommend checking out some gameplay vids on Youtube before buying. It may not completely sell both the frustration and elation you can get from playing, but gives you a good idea of the style of game it actually is.

      Sorry if I didn't answer anything you wanted to know. If not, feel free to ask and I'll be more specific.

      (So much for being brief, huh?)

      • RunningWild

        As a PC / Vita Isaac owner, this appraisal nails the game on the head.

      • David Barajas

        Wow. That's some serious time you put in. I would say you definitely got your money's worth on that. It's also telling by how much enjoyment it brings you that you can go back over and over with it. The amount of variety is really impressive. I heard similar things being said even about the enemies.
        I appreciate the response and was not disappointed by the amount of detail you gave. Just hearing how much joy it brings you. Well, in short, I'm sold. Thanks again.

  • DrlRage

    Man, this game cannot live up to the hype and praise I've seen on here. I'm happy for the people who have been heavily anticipating it and once in a while I'll jump on the hype train with you but I'm letting this one go by. Why? Simply because I could easily find more value elsewhere and I have a backlog. BUT that doesn't mean that it's not worth the price, it's just not for everyone. So let the people who want it rejoice and let the dev get his full share. It's 500 hrs of gameplay people for the price of a 2hr movie, it's not as bad as it sounds.

    • Nightxx

      Have fun getting anywhere in the app store with that price...

      • Nightxx

        Especially if you're an indie developer and not a prominent company...

  • Syrik_Zero

    If I didn't have it on PC and Xbox One I would totally pay the $15. I guess I'll just pass, for now.

    • Nightxx

      Its unlikely people who never owned will buy it either from the AppStore so who are these people targeting is your wild guess...

  • allister5

    Waiting for the Apple TV version here too!
    Would the Siri remote be adequate? Or a controller would be needed to play? Or just as an option?