London-based developer The Secret Police has a curious proposition for mobile gamers. What they're doing with Dragon's Watch is to try and make a social RPG, the kind that's been mega-popular in Asian markets but hasn't necessarily ruled the charts in the west, but aim for a western audience. With a western development team targeting western gamers, they want to try and appeal to an audience that hasn't necessarily spent a lot of money on social RPGs. Yet, their early work looks pretty solid, with some quality animations, and promising one-handed gameplay. Oh, and Dragon's Watch will not require an internet connection:

You'll roll out a squad of 6 heroes from a selection of hundreds that you can collect. There's potions to craft, and myraid bosses to defeat as well. You can pre-regsiter for the game right now. The Secret Police is chaired by Ian Livingstone of Fighting Fantasy fame, and features Ric Moore, who won a BAFTA for Facebook game Monstermind with Mike Bithell and Henrique Olifiers. Keep an eye out for this one in the coming months.

  • Thomas Uddyback

    Looks like Maplestory... I'm in. Looking for beta testers?

  • MintCity

    THIS sounds AWESOME. I can't wait!

  • Discostallion

    What exactly is a "social RPG"?

    Based on the preview I'm picturing it being similar to Teeny Titans, but with a fantasy flavor and Supercell style social interaction & monetization.

    • Truffled

      I'm assuming they mean games like Summoners War or Heroes Charge. Though if there are hundreds of heroes, it'll probably be more like SW.

    • SayuNowa

      RPG with hundreds of collectible Heroes.

      The social part is using others peoples character in your party/pvp/chat etc

      RPG with online experience

  • Aaron C

    No internet required? Amazing!! 🙂

  • Lickzy

    No internet connection... is it possible it won't be F2P?

    • Lickzy

      Nevermind. I went to the site and I can see the energy bar... and the "barracks" which I'm sure will be expandable via IAP...

      God damnit, I wish the race to the bottom and fostering of the F2P environment never happened.