It's a well known fact that anything with 'time' in the title is guaranteed to be a success. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is arguably the greatest game of all time, Adventure Time spearheaded a wave of excellent cartoon shows in the past decade, and developer Event Horizon's upcoming RPG epic Tower of Time is set to follow in such prestigious footsteps. With some beautiful atmospheric graphics that looks to push the platform to its limits, as well as a touted twenty to thirty hours of gameplay, Tower of Time is an extremely ambitious premium effort from an indie developer, and will hopefully kick off 2017 with a bang when it launches in the coming weeks. To tide us over before Tower of Time finally drops, Event Horizon have revealed a brand new trailer and a whole host of details that demonstrate what you can expect to experience in this impressive RPG effort.

tower of time

It's hard not to get excited about Tower of Time, especially when the developer has drawn parallels to Dragon Age Origins in the TouchArcade forum thread, and rightfully so. In the months since we last caught a glimpse of Tower of Time, while the RPG mechanics at its core have stayed constant, it seems the developers have put a lot of work into expanding and polishing the title's mechanics and settings, and the game looks all the better for it. Specifically, Event Horizon have put a heavy emphasis on real-time tactical combat, which relies on exploiting the environment, and the specific skills of each of the seven playable classes, to defeat the hundreds of unique enemies that can be located within each dungeon. Furthermore, a cool class progression system that focuses on Might, Speed, Mastery and Life should give any RPG fans a lot of room to tinker with the skills of their protagonists, and incredibly deep lore and equipment mechanics echo the ambition of Event Horizon's stunning mobile debut.

Other features - such as a slow time mechanic within combat, and an intuitive levelling system which is based on discovering knowledge rather that the tired trope of experience - are merely icing on this rich and fulfilling RPG cake, and I can't wait to take a bite out of Tower of Time when it launches in the near future. Head down to the thread in the TouchArcade Forums to ask the developer any questions you may have on Tower of Time, as well as to learn more details on an impeding release date.

  • mzinn

    Looks about as promising as they come!

  • gaymerX

    Looks amazing.... but I hope they tweak the character animations. I don't like when characters slide/skate across the ground while moving.

    • Event Horizon

      Yes, our biggest challenge yet - smooth animations....

  • Airpegy

    How much ?