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Upcoming RPG ‘Tower of Time’ Boasts Tactical Real-Time Combat

This one is for all the RPG lovers out there. As noted by the developers in our Upcoming Games Forum Thread, Tower of Time is an RPG that features a strong story, a crafting system, real-time tactical combat, and about 20-30 hours of gameplay. The story has the usual tropes of a dying world due to mysterious circumstances. You are, of course, the hero and have reached a vast Tower buried in the ground. Now, you’ll need to reach its bottom to save, or doom, the world.

The Tower comes with 13 different levels, and you’ll be leading a party of four champions, picked from seven classes, across all those levels. There are numerous enemies to defeat, and you’ll need to upgrade your hero to manage to do so. Add to that a random item generator and a crafting system, and you can see how this game sounds like a serious RPG. Check out the gameplay above and then head on over to our forum thread to read more info and see more screenshots.