In 2016, the first week of the year saw Clash Royale [Free] hit mobile in soft launch, setting the pace for what the rest of the year would bring. 2017 has seen yet another landmark release that has caused a seismic shift in the mobile gaming landscape. That Vape Master [Free].

In Vape Master, you get your vape on, inhaling deep off the vape cannon, and trying to exhale at the perfect moment. Inhale too much, and you'll have to cough the vape out. Your mission: to vape up the bar, theater, or stadium before your battery or time runs out. Don't get caught by security, either. Coins you earn go toward upgrading your Mjolnir of Vape, along with various customizations, because you need to vape in style. Yes the game just released on January 5th, but you can get a Santa outfit for free. A Vape Master does what a Vape Master wants to do, and vaping in a Santa outfit is life. Truly, you are now in Vape Nation.

Oh, and the soundtrack is dubstep.

  • borb86

    Ugh. I can't tell if you're being serious about this being good or not.

    • Eli Hodapp

      FWIW, as someone who really gets a kick out of laughing at vape "culture" this game is really doing it for me.

      • borb86

        After checking the actual iTunes Store description yeah it's definitely making fun of the culture in a huge way. Downloading it based on that alone haha thanks Eli.

      • jeffy777

        Although..put a green bandana on and you actually look like the VapeNation guy πŸ™‚

  • Intendro

    Touch Arcade says it's a "Simulation" game.
    Not sure if amused or not.

    • Intendro

      "Oh, and the soundtrack is dubstep."
      ...okay, mission accomplished, article. I'm amused.

  • Jakeopp

    2017 is off to a slow start i see...

  • bigrand1

    Personally, Im not amused. Just a stupid video with a stupid white hipster-looking clown trying so hard to act gangsta with his constant dumb hand signs! On one hand he seems like he likes what he's doing, but chokes and gags on every hit! Honestly, he seems traumatized, and like he's hating every minute of it! I'm not sure what he's really trying to do here--make a big joke and parody about vaping in general, or he's just an idiot!! 😳

    • Luke

      You obviously missed the joke...

      • bigrand1

        ...whatever...Obviously! As I'm sure you know, lots of times when people post stuff online, it's hard to decipher what the motivation is and what point they're really trying to make, as it can easily be taken the 'wrong' way! This was just another example of that. Also, you might've noticed I wasn't the only one who wasn't sure what the deal was here.
        That being said, as it appears to me now that it is indeed a joke, I can see the humor in making fun of the vaping thing, and I will check this out! πŸ˜‰

      • Sergii_T

        First of all thanks for interest to our game )
        I'm Vaper a bit more then 2 year. And was upset that there is no games about vaping, just some stupid fake simulators. So we with my friends just create our own game. Just to make players smile πŸ™‚ don't try to find serious or parody, relax and have fun.

      • Anotherkellydown

        Thank you for making a game about vaping. Now make one where you have to build triple-core alien claptons or a staggerton for your RDA. #VapeHard #VapeLife

      • j.dillinger

        That video was hilarious. That outfit was too much, haha.

  • bossjaja

    This is our punishment, we deserve this.

  • markaman

    Vape Nation

  • KillerSpecialK

    As someone who has made a postive life change by going from smoking to using an e cigarette, this article, game, and comments make me sad. I get that the creators of the game being douchey jack offs thinking they're clever by making fun of someone's life choices, but I thought the community of Touch Arcade was better than that. Especially Eli's comment above. Silly me though.

    • Eli Hodapp

      The developer (Sergii_T) literally commented in this thread saying it's not meant to be making fun of anyone, and I'm a card carrying member of Vape Nation myself. Settle down.

      • KillerSpecialK

        Nothing to settle down about, friend. I'm not mad. Just slightly bothered that this seems to leak into every corner of the earth. As a member of "Vape Nation", you should know better than most that this bullshit is getting old and doing nothing but giving more fuel to the fire of "oh, this guy is vaping. What a douche!"

      • Eli Hodapp

        I've just embraced it and blow the world's sickest clouds whenever possible, my vape is more tricked out than my Honda CRX was. Haters gonna hate, vapers gonna vape.

      • KillerSpecialK

        Alright, that shit made me laugh. Maybe I need to be more like you and not let the stigma bother me too much. Just enjoy it before the FDA completely ruins it.

      • Kiltedsheep

        Good for you, mate. Well said

      • Gray Games

        This beef has been vaporized...

        Ehh ehh get it

      • Kai Cherry

        Ok. Ok you got me right here lol. πŸ˜€

        Vape on, bro...vape on. Imma be over here with my West Coast JUUL being subtle and civilized πŸ˜‰

      • Fergus Mason

        "blow the world's sickest clouds"

        You douche.

    • WhoaManWtF

      There is a difference between someone taking up vaping to quit smoking and then the type of people that mod their vapes to create the largest most obnoxious clouds and then use them in the middle or stores and shit or while they are talking to people like, it's cool brah it's not a cigarette!"

      • Kai Cherry

        Yeah *that* guy. Ugh.

  • vid_icarus


  • squirpe

    Up there with Enviro-bear 2010, undisputed GOTY in 2009.

    • HelperMonkey

      Throw back Thursday right there.

  • Ron

    I have those pajama pants.

  • Heinz da Baron Krauss von Espy

    clash royale to a branded handbag is as vape master to camel's nut-sac. this article is probably written with tongue firmly in the cheek, but the year can only go downhill from here, fast, in more ways than mere mobile gaming.

  • Mackenzie Craft
  • Trane Sonic

    the FDA loves this game. thanks, you greedy cunts