Vape Master is the First Contender for 2017 Game of the Year

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In 2016, the first week of the year saw Clash Royale (Free) hit mobile in soft launch, setting the pace for what the rest of the year would bring. 2017 has seen yet another landmark release that has caused a seismic shift in the mobile gaming landscape. That game…is Vape Master (Free).

In Vape Master, you get your vape on, inhaling deep off the vape cannon, and trying to exhale at the perfect moment. Inhale too much, and you’ll have to cough the vape out. Your mission: to vape up the bar, theater, or stadium before your battery or time runs out. Don’t get caught by security, either. Coins you earn go toward upgrading your Mjolnir of Vape, along with various customizations, because you need to vape in style. Yes the game just released on January 5th, but you can get a Santa outfit for free. A Vape Master does what a Vape Master wants to do, and vaping in a Santa outfit is life. Truly, you are now in Vape Nation.

Oh, and the soundtrack is dubstep.

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