For the past year and a half or so, Lucas Wilde has been constructing what he hoped would be the ultimate first-person shooter for mobile devices, and after soft-launching on Android quite some time ago and again on iOS just last month, Bullet Force [Free] is now officially available. The first-person shooter on touchscreens has been a tough nut to crack. Many have tried and failed, and a few have been pretty darn good, but there hasn't been one that truly captures the fun of shooters AND plays well on a touchscreen since, in my opinion, Ngmoco's Eliminate Pro way back in 2009. Lord how I miss that game. Anyway, after the iOS soft launch of Bullet Force last month I took the plunge, and for the first time since those days back in 2009 and 2010, I got that same feeling of fun from playing a first-person shooter on my phone.

This isn't to say that everyone will have an easy time playing a game like Bullet Force on the touchscreen. It's something you really have to put some practice into, but when things start to click and you have the buttons situated on the screen just right then you'll be surprised by just how well a shooter can play without physical buttons. Bullet Force features a fully customizable HUD, as well as a ton of options in terms of making multiplayer matches. There's a single-player component too which allows you to face off against static enemies across all the game's maps, which is fun in a mini-game sort of way and is also an excellent way to practice getting used to the game and your control setup before heading online. Make no mistake though, the bread and butter of Bullet Force is its online component.

The game is free to play, and it'll take me some more time to see how balanced it all is in the long run, but all through my time with the soft-launch version and my brief time with this officially launched version this morning, there's nothing that's come into play that's hindered my enjoyment. There's lots of new weapons and custom camos to unlock, and just one hard IAP currency which you can also earn through opt-in video ads. Most crucially there are no energy timers or any of that nonsense. This is a very skill-based game, so all the money in the world and all the fanciest weapons won't help you against someone who is just plain better than you. I'm sure I'll have some more to say about Bullet Force in time, but for now if you're into FPS games and would like a new one to try out on your iOS device, give the free download a shot and find some competition or talk strategies with other players by visiting our forums.

  • Mrbestapps

    If you're reading this and haven't downloaded it already, I don't know what to say. 😐🔫
    Best online fps game since modern combat 3!

  • Gunther4C

    Way better than the MC series

    • Justin

      True, way better than Modern Combat series which are laggy Gingerbread Android games Gameloft throws on Play Store.

  • lezrock

    How does it compare to critical ops? I found that pretty good for touch devices. Liked it better on iPad mini 2 than on my iPhone 6.

    • Jakeopp

      Based off my first few minutes of play time, this game seems to be more "freemium" in that you have to save up money to buy guns other than the starter gun. Whereas critical ops everyone buys their guns during the match (same as csgo i believe). The gameplay seems pretty similar so far

    • Jakeopp

      After more gameplay, spec ops was more fun to me.

  • jl802

    Afterpulse, it's over!

  • loophole

    Just downloaded and gave it a try. I was immediately blown away by how smooth it plays. I get 60fps on the 6s+ with ultra settings and haven't run into an server problems. I have yet to see if this is something I can sink my teeth into in terms of actual replay value

  • Rain1dog

    It's well done but Critical Ops is way better. If your a counter strike fan critical Ops is literally a hand held portable version of counter strike 1.6.

    This game so far is not bad, but Critical Ops can't be beat with just how fantastic the controls are, physic's, and guns.

  • Steve Gorden

    Hey! its great to hear another Android first release. Best get used to that one iPhone guys. How about exclusive to Android games?

    Doesn't exist you say? Well again you're WRONG.

    Heres two games you iphone peeps wont get to play at all- Deadbotz and Deadbotz 2 : VR. Exclusive to Android. *Never* coming to the iphone. Mu hha aha ha ha ha....Outstanding VR that you will never see.

    These games are the reason you should all dump your iphones and get a Pixel.

    With 12% market share iOS is going the way of Windows phone. How cool is it to be holding a Lumia now? About as cool as it will be to hold an iphone 8.

    Boom boom shake the....nope you've got no headphones so you wont be doing that either.

    • th3soupcan

      Oh look an Android fanboy making comments that has nothing to do with the game.

  • So Solid

    Kinda off topic, but Im amazed that the reviewer is so down on FPS on iOS: to me, there have been numerous titles that were both fun and 'played well' - the Modern Combat series, Nova 3, CoD Strike Team, Critical Ops, Dead Trigger series, Unkilled, Dead Effect series, and many others besides.

    Sometimes developers get the controls wrong, but its more common these days (like for all of the above titles) that the controls are perfectly unobjectionable (i.e. smooth, sensitive, fully customisable, etc). IMHO those that complain usually either have poor coordination or are too attached to the mouse-and-keyboard or joystick controller to give the touchscreen controls a fair go.

    The only criticism I would have of this game (and some of the above titles) is the lack of a gyroscope option. To me gyro adds a substantial extra degree of accuracy (not to mention making it more fun) and its a real surprise that so many developers neglect to include it. Further, if the game has a dedicated shoot button and no gyro (and unless the player is using a tablet and likes to lay it down flat like a keyboard), the player will need to use his or her index finger at a somewhat awkward angle to look and aim while firing with the thumb with semiautomatic weapons such as shotguns and rifles (c.f. dragging the thumb for automatic weapons). Otherwise, the player cannot aim and shoot at the same time (other than by moving the character rather than looking). I have long since become used to playing that way but (unlike touchscreen controls in general) I can understand people complaining about this as the said index finger has to be placed at quite an awkward angle in this instance.

    However, that aside, Bullet Force looks like a tour de force at first glance - crisp as hell both in terms of controls and graphically. It reminds me very much of a more polished version of Critical Ops. Definitely worth a look for anyone even remotely interested in FPS.

    • Justin

      Nah Modern Combat series are the worst laggy Gingerbread games Gameloft throws on Android, same goes to N.O.V.A. series. If you don't know what is laggy Gingerbread, check out Android 2.3. Android has came a long way.

  • Dimitris Dimakakos

    My friends i have a problem.i haVe an android device and my friend has ios device.before my latest 1.04 update i could find his created match, now after my update i cant find his created match either he cant find mine.ANY HELP?

  • Kartikey Bhardwaj

    Guys help me out. I am getting a notification that I am accidentally subscribed to the example app of bullet force. I guess that's why I am not getting gold. Somebody help me by telli g how to unsubscribe that. Please...

  • Max Gamer (Da Gamer)

    This game single handedly took out EVERY fps game including modern combat