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‘Bullet Force’ FPS Soft Launches in Singapore

Bullet Force, the first-person shooter developed by a guy who just graduated this year…from high schoolhas soft launched in Singapore. The FPS has been available in beta form on Android for a while, but now you don’t have to clamor for beta access to this one, or have to use Android like some kind of villainous clod named Carter Dotson. For example. We have a guide on how to download soft launch games if you want to get your hands on this one.

Bullet Force is notable in large part because it’s not only being made by a solo developer in Lucas Wilde, but also because he just turned 18 this year. And Bullet Force is a competent first-person shooter with online multiplayer! I’ve played the beta at various points on Mobcrush, and it’s a fun game! If you like Call of Duty-style military shooters, this is worth checking out, and thanks to the betas, there’s a decent player pool to take on even in this state. And it is seriously impressive that games that once required sizeable teams to create can be made on mobile by students with commonly avialalble technology. The future is crazy. Check out the soft launch forum thread to discuss more about this one.

Singapore iTunes Link: Bullet Force