Want to try Super Mario Run for yourself? Well, starting on December 8th, Thursday, Apple Stores will get a demo of Super Mario Run to everyone to try out a week ahead of the game's worldwide release. Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to demo Super Mario Run, and let Fallon play the game. Shigeru Miyamoto also made an appearance in the crowd before Fallon played Super Mario Run. Fallon got some wall-jumping on, picking up some special coins and finding an invisible screen. Fallon is really, really excited about the game:

They demo some of the modes, including what is sure to be a long-term hook of the game, the Kingdom Builder mode. Fallon picks up 7 out of 10 of the special coins. "7 out of 10, I'm bummed out, I'm really embarrassed." Just how I imagine developers feel when they get a dreaded Carter Dotson three and a half stars.

Oh, and Jimmy Fallon gets to play around with the Nintendo Switch, which you may have heard of. Not too much new there, but January 12th is when we'll hear more. This video is actually really cool because Jimmy Fallon is geeking out so bad and it seems genuine – he's had gaming features on the Tonight Show before. So what we have is someone genuinely, irrationally, exuberant about Nintendo's stuff, checking out new Nintendo stuff. It's a fun watch!

If you need more Super Mario Run, Nintendo's got a new video showing off the game, how it works, and its myriad features:

  • Montanx HS

    Demos, months of buildup, celebrity spots, this is gonna be the most disappointing and hyped up gaming event of the year. Not that it will be bad but it can't possibly live up to this amount of hype.

    • bossjaja

      I dunno, if Nintendo really nails the connectivity features, I could see this being really huge. IF they do it right. Stuff like Miitomo integration, MyNintendo rewards, maybe Switch promo items or something would be awesome.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Pretty big IF there. I'd love to go 100% digital purchase with the Switch but if Nintendo has a track record of anything it's real dumb internet / digital stuff.

  • rezn

    My kids and I just lost our s$&# to this. Surely the Switch will be the biggest event for us next year. Hopefully I won't have to stand in line too long to nab a preorder or full purchase. But I'm fully prepared to do so. I managed to get the NES Classic purchase and the only spare 1st-party controller this year. From the original NES as a kid to a Wii preorder back like 10 years ago. I'll stand in line right now if I have too. I don't care. Mario Run will be a nice distraction until next March or whenever it gets delayed too. 😸

  • lazrhog

    Purchasing the whole game via IAP means no family sharing. Clever or Greedy, you decide

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      This gets brought up in basically every Mario Run comment thread. Likely just an oversight of Nintendo working within the systems that Apple has made. I wish I could figure out why "Nintendo is fucking us again!" has turned into such an internet thing when all they've done is make awesome stuff that maybe doesn't work for a small fringe group of people. What other method could they have used on the App Store to have a free download with an unlock?

      • dancj

        Yeah, I don't blame Nintendo. It does suck though. Non-consumable IAPs really should be included in family sharing.

      • Tallgeese

        They could have just had a lite and paid version... like all of the others...

      • IainsTheName

        I would assume the conversion rate would be lower than actually including it in the app itself. Many people would think "Hey this is great, I'll download the paid version in a moment" and never get round to it. Much easier when the button's right there in front of you...

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Lol, good one.

      • lazrhog

        I don't deny the awesome stuff. I'm a crazy Nintendo fan. But I balk at having to buy 3 copies of Mario Run ...

    • tira sheen

      That's why I don't favor family sharing, and sense I only share my account with one other person i prefer to just use the same account, then they get everything I bought including iap's ..
      You do get 5 devices that a account can use ..never had issues..
      Heck sign in to the persons device with the app and click restore purchases they will then get your purchases ..then just sign out and back into the main account ..

  • 김지 킫밸

    Downloaded and deleted galaxy on fire three for this demo

  • Zendorphin

    Wait so the demo will only be playable standing in physical Apple Stores?

    • houseofg

      Yeah, that part of the article was clear as mud.

      • F34R

        No. There will be a demo a week early at the Apple stores. There will also be a demo on launch that everyone can download and play.

      • houseofg


  • Derprozess

    It has anything I don't like in gaming: portrait-only (I'm not using iPhone by years), autorunner, click-to-jump with no other in-game interaction. I'm still failing to see why this Mario-runner, who doesn't have anything to do with a "real"-Mario port, gets so much coverage, "propaganda" lol

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Web sites write about things readers want to read about, it's not a huge unsolved mystery.

    • ScotDamn

      Wait so you're saying that since you're not a fan of auto-runners you can't understand how this Mario game is getting so much attention? No, you can't be saying that!

  • Robbie1350

    So I have to go to the Apple Store and not the App Store?

  • Gluskap

    "Hahahahahahaha" - Jimmy Fallon

  • Gray Games

    The promising thing about this is, even those who think this is going to fail are giving this game the very most attention. This is why Nintendo is amazing . People try to hate it sommuch but can't help give it what it deserves ... attention.
    Nintendo is the best gaming brand. It doesn't allows go for greed but the experience for children because that's what it's about. Not us adults who will hang it tomdry because you can't share it or because it's not compatible for everyone in their own unique way to where they will go to every outlet to constantly give it negative feedback to prove that their opinion is a fact.
    You guys are why developers stop making games and people stop having fun and make everything dlc and pay for everything.
    You think your helping but this is why gaming isn't fun for most.

    • Modjular

      You make a good point. Sometimes we get pretty wrapped up in things that are insignificant.

  • Alexythimia23

    Jimmy you smashed it! Lol loved the enthusiasm! Just awesome lol so so soooooo looking forward to the switch, for me regardless of battery life or whatever, its a winner. Nintendo full console games on the go, hell yes! And then 3rd party epic aaa games, omg nintendo u have nailed it this time, you really have. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is going to be big

  • thesinmaster

    So, where is this demo?

    • Gray Games

      Inside Apple stores on their devices

  • Heinz da Baron Krauss von Espy

    "Fallon is really, really excited about the game".

    jimmy fallon is never not excited about anything. the man virtually squirts in his pant 24/7.