We're just mere moments away from our usual "Out Now" post, but I figured the arrival of Apollo Justice Ace Attorney [$0.99] was worth it's own little heads up. For those keeping score at home, Apollo Justice is the fourth game in the beloved Ace Attorney main series, though it doesn't actually star everyone's favorite ace attorney Phoenix Wright. No matter though, as our own Shaun Musgrave notes in the original announcement of this iOS port, "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is both important to the overall story of the series and still a pretty awesome game in its own right." Just over a week ago the release date for Apollo Justice was announced, with iOS hitting right now and the Android version coming just one week later.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney weighs in at a hefty 2.4 gigs, so make sure you've got some spare room on your device before you dive in. Also, the incredibly low price of 99¢ will land you the first half of the first episode of the game, with additional episodes available via additional IAP. Pretty standard stuff for the Ace Attorney series on iOS. With this release we now have the first five episodes of the main Ace Attorney series: Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD [Free], Apollo Justice Ace Attorney [$0.99], and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies [$0.99]. It's a fantastic series and translates really well to touchscreen, so check out this latest entry and see what folks in our forums have to say, and be on the lookout for our review of Apollo Justice in the very near future.

  • 김지 킫밸

    Half an episode? Are you joking? I bought Attack Heroes too an theres still a choice for watching adds! What is wrong with these developers now? Oh its cheap! Yeah! But you only get a quarter of what you wanted. Or half. The rest is not worth it. Just charge what you normally would

    • bossjaja

      I don't see the problem. The full game costs $16, that's very reasonable for a game of this quality and length. No ads, no bad IAP, nothing.

      • 김지 킫밸

        You know, your right. Ill spare you the "in my day" speil. Im only 30 any ways. If the demo is only .99 and its clearly marked on the App Store or the game it's self tells you, then i am ok with that. .99 is dirt cheap.
        ive never played a Ace Attorney game an maybe never will but its nice to know i can afford a demo of it to see what its like

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        My advice is to get the trilogy which is free to download and gives you the first two episodes of the first game for free. It's a bit rough presentation wise compared to Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies but it will give you an idea if you like the type of game it is. If you do, then go nuts on all the rest of the games.

      • Intendro

        It's misleading.
        It should have been a free demo if they can't even manage to say at the start of the description "this is a $1 demo that isn't even the whole first case."
        It does not mention the additional cost until about halfway down the description... Yeah, it's misleading.
        And how is it over 2 GB? The trilogy was way less. And it was 3 games!

      • Intendro

        Touch Arcade app is telling me Ace Attorney Duel Destinies is now $1 (but really more) too! They serious?

      • Tallgeese

        I think it might be an experiment, and a somewhat irritating one, it'll probably go back to free after scraping some money from the earlies. That seems to be the new trend...

  • Mo

    Really strange choice charging for a demo.

    • OrangutanKungfu

      Yep - and as Jared says, this is not really a natural starting point. Most will already be invested in the series by the time they get to this one.

  • porsupah

    Bought as soon as I woke up, and I'm enjoying it every bit as much as the others so far. ^_^

    I'd be curious to know how sales have been for these ports, versus the original releases - has Capcom given any hints, beyond continuing to make these new versions available?

  • nianicole

    Good: It's been remastered (so it looks like dual destinies) and it's still fun

    Bad: It's a dollar for an hour of basically tutorial, you have to pay 5 bucks for the rest of the episode, it takes up over 2 GBs of space, and the original game is about 10 bucks