November has been a good month for games where you manage a football (soccer) team. First we got Sports Interactive's Football Manager Touch 2017, and this week we are getting the developer's mobile version, Football Manager Mobile 2017. Both are excellent and quite deep games, but 11x11: Football Manager [Free], which is now available globally, is offering a feature the Sports Interactive games don't have: PvP. The game has you managing your club by scouting and buying the best players you can, training them to improve their skills, and then manage tactics in-game to lead your team to glory or shame.

You can also build your own Soccer City using the usual trappings of the city-building genre (build, upgrade, etc). What makes the game stick out is the PvP aspect of it. You can take part in PvP leagues and tournaments and win cups and medals. I haven't played the game yet so I'm not sure if the matches are live or asynch, but either way it's a fun addition to the formula. The game is free and is live now.

  • curtisrshideler

    Wonder how realistic their game engine is. I tried Soccer Manager 2017 because it's the only manager for mobiles with MLS, but their engine is really rough and stutters. I wonder if all online F2P managers are similar.