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Goofy Physics Racer Sequel ‘Hill Climb Racing 2’ Coming Soon, Soft Launch Now

The popular Hill Climb Racing (Free) is getting a sequel. The goofy physics racer that attained a ton of popularity thanks to going viral and just being a solid entry in the “vehicles flipping around" genre that tons of games use. And who doesn’t like doing flips in the midair with their vehicles? Well, Hill Climb Racing 2 will deliver more of that, with new features, but it’s going to look like a far more polished and professional product than the lo-fi aesthetics of the original:

Along for the ride in Hill Climb Racing 2 are new customizations, and a new asnychronous online multiplayer mode. There will be 30 levels in total at launch, with ghosts that you can race against. Also, the endless adventure mode from the original game is back. Hill Climb Racing 2 will release worldwide on Android on November 28th, with an iOS release happening in December. However, if you’re curious to check this one out right now, a soft launch is going on in New Zealand. Check out the forum thread for this one if you wish to discuss the game.

New Zealand iTunes Link: Hill Climb Racing 2