There simply is no stopping Plague Inc. [$0.99]. Since its debut nearly four and a half years ago, Plague Inc. has received a constant stream of updates which have mutated the game into new forms and spread it to a constantly expanding base of players. It's like a plague! Its latest update has just hit the App Store and it's very fitting for the forthcoming Halloween holiday. The new Shadow Plague is a "sentient, mutagenic pathogen" that "triggers a powerful thirst for blood in its chosen host", basically turning you into a vampire who must feed on humanity to grow into a giant bat capable of setting up lairs and shadow portals. Here is an exclusive look at the giant, vampiric bat in action.

Oops, that was something else. Anyway, in addition to the Shadow Plague content, this update also adds BREXIT as real in-game events, which you can use to "influence whether the UK has a soft, hard or 'brutal' Brexit - or even keep Britain in the EU after all!" As we've mentioned many times over the years, Plague Inc. is one of the best and most full-featured games you can spend an entire 99¢ on, and there's no shortage of additional content available via IAP or good old-fashioned playing that it's pretty unlikely you'll ever run out of things to do. Check out the latest version of Plague Inc. and go on global-scale hunt to quench your newly found bloodlust.

  • RunningWild

    The game that keeps on giving!

  • Kallizm

    Looks 2 SPOOPY 4 ME!

  • hkgsulphate

    is this the only game released for over 4 years and still updating?

    • Dafaq did I just read?

      Well, this is probably not the case. That being said, Plague Inc has various versions on multiple platforms and even has a boardgame. It's more than an app. It's a well-established game. It started small and expanded to what it is today. I don't see it stopping any time soon...

  • Justin Gilbert

    Is this update live on the UK store? Can't find the Shadow Plague either on store or in app.

    • Brian Powers

      Justin, you should be able to download the game itself "plague inc" and it should come up with an update if you already own the game or an add-on you can purchase

      • Justin Gilbert

        Hi - thanks for the tip!!

      • Brian Powers

        Yeah no problem