‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ 0.16 Still Stuck in Apple Review

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I know, we wrote on Friday that Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99) 0.16 update was going to drop on that day. Don’t blame the messenger, but as you can all tell, the iOS version is still nowhere to be seen. Well, this is how the story went. Mojang sent the patch to Apple for review and was expecting the usual expedited review, which is why they didn’t bother making sure first that the update was approved before releasing for Android. As Tommaso Checchi tweeted earlier today, Apple decided to not expedite the review, so the patch will take the normal time a patch takes. In other words, probably any day now?

I’m both surprised and not surprised that Apple didn’t expedite the MCPE update review like it usually has done; we’ve seen plenty of inconsistencies like this one in the past, but this is a huge game. Well, all we can do is be patient and hope 0.16 drops soon. In the future, they plan to release updates on all platforms at the same time so no more of these shenanigans.

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